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University Session #104 - June 13, 2020

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Argent Circles and Lines and Spinning, Oh My! L


Bookmaking in the Islamic Style: Preparing the Textblock Bookmaking in the Islamic Style: Sewing the Endbands SCA Heraldry for "Non-Heraldic" Cultures Bookmaking in the Islamic Style: Finishing the Book
Azure Everything Old is New Again Web Minister 101 Introduction to Brick Stitch German Brick Stitch: Try The Stitch Opus Anglicanum
Bend Dots and Lines and Stuff: Learn to Read Music in an Hour Learn to Read Music: Beyond the Basics Above & Beyond Fundamentals of Bardic Performance Take Note: A Historical Survey of Western Music Notation How to move performing arts activities to online! The History of the Guitar
Chevron Getting Good At Things (part 1) Getting Good At Things (part 2) A&S Websites and Photography Exchequer 101- " So you want to be an Exchequer" Building teamwork: SCA Volunteers
Chief She's Got the (Hispano-Flemish) Look Hispano-Flemish Men’s Clothing Viking age clothing 101: how we know what we know Viking 102: “animal ornament” in jewelry, and Oval Brooches in context Viking 103: towards a specific time & place for your Viking Age clothing & accessories
Counter-vair     Scouting Out the Bead Period Beadwork Techniques Introduction to Knitting
Delf Rise of the RoxStars: A Case Study in Participation & Retention What Sorcery is this? Chatelain Tech Care and Feeding of an OnLine Newcomers Group Making Newcomers Count Diversity Equity & Inclusion 101 The future of our role as Chatelaines
Ermine Writing More Effective Documentation Yet Forget Not, That I Am an Ass: Research & Documentation Documenting Original Poems, Stories, and Songs Gallery Texts: Writing documentation for the general audience May I Give You Some Feedback? Cordials How I make them
Fess MoLs & Marshals Minister of the Lists (MoL 101) MOL 102: Running Tournaments Youth and Minor MOLing MOLing for Large Events and Wars
Gules Dressing as a lady of the 14th Century Braid of the Perniö Headpiece Elizabethan Corsets
Gyron Introduction to Andean Textiles and Looms How They Saw Themselves: The Roman Republic Roman Mosaics: the Rules Baking Roman Bread: Unleavened Loaves Baking Roman Bread: Leavened Loaves
Or   Armored Marshal 101 Rapier Marshal 101 Field Marshal 201 Half the Heroes: Impact of Sex & Gender on SCAdian Martial Arts
Pale Dances for Kids Beginner Renaissance Dance No Touchy Dance - Gracca Amorosa Sources and Resources for European Dance Reconstructing Dance - Gathering Peascods from book to performance Industrial Machine Technology
Pean A Survey of Race/Chase Games Alquerque - How to Play This Is Not the Scroll You Are Looking For Taking the Pain out of Period Pigments! Making Your Own Period Pigments Missals, Graduals, and Antiphonaries, Oh My!
Potent The Life of Peter Abelard -- Sex, Violence, Philosophy! Royal Childbirth in the Tudor Period Rebel Women Medieval Women Physicians   Medieval Lithuania and the Baltic Lands
Purpure Spells and Swords: Historic Esoteric and Magical Teachings in Western and Japanese Martial Arts Murmured Tales of Iron Wars: Killing Mindset, PTSD, and Trauma in Period Armored Melee Fighting for Women (And Men Can Too!) Meyer's Dussack 101 European Historic Martial Arts in the SCA So, you want to be a herald?
Sable Ballads and their Variants Intro to Writing Old Norse Poetry Introduction to the Icelandic Sagas   Beowulf Basics Alliteration in Period
Saltire   Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Games of Chivalry Beginning Nalbinding: Mammen stitch Medieval English Legal System English Rosaries and Paternosters
Sinister Urinalysis in the Middle Ages: Liquid Gold or “an Harlot, or a Lier?" Roses 101: Roses then and Now Flint and Steel Firemaking Medieval-inspired gear for backcountry camping   Bringing Sexy Back: Perception and Popular Opinion of 14th-Century Clothing
Vair     Gregorian Chant - An Overview   Fighting Feedback: Giving it, getting it, how, when, why, and what to do with it
Vert Metal finishes for the blacksmith in period and today In that land of bountiful harvests: Aztec Food and Drink at the Time of European Contact The Way of Saint James:The Santiago Pilgrimage Then and Now The Magnificent Mule

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