Next Session: #99
Barony of Black Diamond
June 16, 2018

Full Classes:
101 - Underside Couching - the under taught part of Opus Anglicanum
103 - Basics of Calligraphy (Pages Academy)
201 - Honeycomb Smocking
301 - "Gigliuccio" (peahole) hemstich
401 - Advanced Elizabethan Polychrome Embroidery
601 - Basic Applique
613 - Introduction to Tablut

118 - C&T Swordplay From the Ground Up


306 - Playing with food and eating it too: modeling compounds

Event Flyer:
University #99


The University of Atlantia is dedicated to the advancement of teaching in the Kingdom of Atlantia, SCA, Inc.

There are two to three University sessions each year. If you are interested in hosting a University, please refer to our bid guidelines.


5/18/2018 The course catalog for Atlantia's University June Session 99 is now open for pre-registration. This session is being held in the Barony of Black Diamond in Lynchburg, VA on Saturday, June 16, 2018.

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Pre-registration closes on Thursday, June 13, 2018, or you can always register in person the day of classes. There are many limited space classes so register early and don't miss out! If you have trouble registering online, but wish to take any limited attendance classes, email the Registrar with your wish list (

Thank you to all the instructors, the autocrat, and their staff for their time and effort to make this session possible.

While the University of Atlantia is a free event to attend, it is not a free event to put on. Please consider packing a $5 donation per adult who plans to take classes to help defray the costs.

University wouldn't exist without you!!! Thank you for supporting these excellent learning opportunities.

In service,
Dame Adriana la Bretonne
University Chancellor


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