The University of Atlantia is dedicated to the advancement of teaching in the Kingdom of Atlantia, SCA, Inc.

There are two to three University sessions each year. If you are interested in hosting a University, please refer to our bid guidelines.

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We're excited to announce that the Barony of Black Diamond will be our hosts for the Summer 101st Session of the University of Atlantia, to be held in Lynchburg, VA on Saturday, June 15th.

University is now accepting bids for our Fall 2019 Session 102 to be held Sept 21 and Winter 2020 Session 103 to be held on Feb 1st. Please review the FAQ on autocratting a session of University (http://university.atlantia.sca.org/host.php) and contact me if you have any questions.  Also, remember that we've added to the University fund to try to help groups with limited budgets or rather pricy site options to be able to host a future session.

Thank you for supporting University and the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Baronness Adriana la Bretonne, OP

University of Atlantia Chancellor


The course catalog for the University of Atlantia's Winter Session 100 Redux will open for student registration on Friday, January 4.

This session is being hosted by the Barony of Caer Mear in Mineral, VA on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

Winter Session 100 Class Catalogue

Winter Session 100 Online Registration

Online Student Registration Deadline = Wednesday, January 30 OR, you can register in person the day of the event. There are many limited space classes so be sure to register early! If you have trouble registering online, but wish to take any limited attendance classes, email your wish list to the University Registrar.

 Thank you to all the instructors, the autocrat, and their staff for their time and effort making this session possible. While University is a free event to attend, it is not a free event to put on. Please consider packing a $5 donation per adult to help defray the costs. University wouldn't exist without you!!! Thank you for supporting these excellent learning opportunities.

In service, Dame Adriana la Bretonne Chancellor, University of Atlantia


Website Enhancements

Those of you logging onto the university website for the first time in a while will notice a few new features.

First, there is a new "Classes I'm Teaching" link in the left-hand menu available to logged-in users. This lists classes you're teaching for the upcoming session, as well as classes taught at previous University sessions.  Instructors now have the ability to edit the title, description, and other information for classes that they're teaching from this page. If you want to teach a previous class at a future University session, you will find the "Resubmit class for next university" link by each previously taught class on this page handy to quickly resubmit the class.

The course catalog page also has a few new bells and whistles. It lets you filter classes by Track and by Course Category to more easily find classes you're interested in, and logged-in users can click the "register" link by each class rather than having to go to the class details to register. Additionally, you can now add yourself to the waitlist for classes that are full. If a spot opens up and you're next on the wait list, you'll be automatically registered, and receive an email notifying you that you're now registered for the class.

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Next Session: #100
Barony of Caer Mear
February 2, 2019

Full Classes:
107 - Beginning Blackwork
115 - Beginner's No-Turn Lucet
117 - The 10th Century Dublin Cap as Excavated from Fishamble Street
121 - Introduction to Opus Anglicanum
123 - Basic Wire Weaving
215 - Advanced No-Turn Lucet
221 - Introduction to Three Opus Anglicanum Techniques
311 - Gems and Pearls in Paint
317 - Measuring for Great Fit
320 - Fun With Flags - The Medieval Experience
321 - Netting 101
322 - Stitches from Luneburg - exploring Klosterstitch embroidery
514 - Making an viking knife sheath (York Arch.)
515 - Early Modern Brooms
520 - Designing a Sundial
522 - Russian pearl embroidery
611 - Calligraphy 201 - Exemplar to Ductus
621 - Beginning Embroidery

105 - Armored Youth Combat Marshal 101
114 - But I can't Paint ... or even DRAW!
138 - Building a Group Persona (La Belle Compagnie)
233 - Feast proportioning and budgeting: The 40-ounce method
238 - A Survey of Silk (La Belle Compagnie)
338 - The Flower of Battle: Chivalric Fighting Techniques (La Belle Compagnie)
438 - The Flower of Battle: Introductory Practicum to Period Dagger Technique (La Belle Compagnie)
538 - "Do the Wasshe and Do the Wringe": Medieval laundry and textile care (La Belle Compagnie)
606 - Conflict Resolution 101
612 - Justice by Blood and Iron - The History and Legal Process of Trial by Combat
638 - On Being a Christian Before the Reformation (La Belle Compagnie)



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