Thank you for your interest in teaching at an upcoming University session.

Currently accepting class proposals for:
Session #, of
December 31, 1969

Deadline for TRACK proposals is December 31, 1969.
Deadline for INDIVIDUAL CLASS proposals is December 31, 1969.

Please read the following before submitting class or track proposals.

Teaching at University

General Information:

  • University classes are 50 minutes at 10:00, 11:00, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, & 4:30.
  • Some classes may be two or more slots.
  • Usually an individual may teach no more than two classes at each session.
  • Class proposals may be submitted three ways:
  • A track is a series of classes on a particular topic that is usually scheduled sequentially in the same room. Complete tracks are sent as one message.
  • Follow up a face to face discussion with the chancellor with an email or written communication.
  • If you are proposing more than one class, please rank them by preference.

Proposal Format:

  • If you choose to email or mail your class proposal instead of logging in to the University web site and use the online proposal form, include the following:
    • Title of the Class
    • Brief description of the class including any equipment students need to bring, age limits, and URL, phone number or email for more information about class, if you like.
    • SCA name(s) of teacher(s) without titles.
    • Teacher(s) modern name and contact information (email or phone). Please include legal name and contact information for all teachers in track proposals.
    • Class length
    • Enrollment limit, if any
    • Materials fee
    • Include any special room requirements for space, tables, or A/V equipment. Please indicate which rapier and heavy classes will actually swing weapons, so that MoL and marshals may be arranged. Indicate if the teacher can provide marshal supervision.
  • Please use plain text without fancy formatting to simplify catalog preparation.


  • Individual proposals and final tracks are due 6 weeks before the session.
  • Inform the Chancellor two months prior to each session if you are planning a track of classes. Final tracks with the data for all classes are due 6 weeks prior to the session. There will be a limited number of tracks guaranteed in advance. Other tracks may be proposed and ultimately scheduled as the rest of the individual proposals are received and space is available.
  • Proposals received after the deadline may be scheduled if space is available or cancellations are received.

Criteria for selecting classes:

  • When a class proposal is received
  • Kingdom officers' classes have priority
  • How recently the class has been taught
  • Novelty/spiffness/coolness of class
  • Is this a popular, limited enrollment class that always fills up?
  • Chancellor's whim

At University:

  • Pick up your class roster from the Registrar.
  • Check off your name as instructor and have all students check off their name if they pre-registered.
  • Students not pre-registered fill in legal and SCA names legibly on the roster.
  • Return the roster to the Registrar before you leave the site so that all students may receive credit for classes taken. If you accidentally leave the event with a roster, please mail the roster to the Registrar.

For any historical combat classes that will actually engage in free-assault, sparring, or any form of competitive use of the arts or practice weapons, there must be a warranted MoL to check authorizations and warranted marshals for safety.

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