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Stranded knitting for everyone.

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Maria Beatriz Moro

Instructor's Kingdom: Atlantia, Time Zone: EST
University Session:
UA86 March 1, 2014
Crs #:
Sat Mar 01
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
2 hrs
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Arts & Sciences
Fiber Arts
2 color knitting was another form of fiber art/picture making in period. There are many examples of late 1400s colorwork knitting in arabic knitted, heraldic pillows for spanish royalty. We will begin a small Atlantian badge in class. 6 kits will be available for 6 dollars each but you can bring your own supplies if you like. The kits will include 50 yards each of blue/white yarn and 10 yards of black, appropriate sized needles, corks and a chart. Extra charts and a helpful hint hand out will also be available in a limited quantity for 1dollar a packet to cover printing costs. Registration guarantees a packet if you request it ahead of time. ** To sign up for a handout and pattern ONLY, email the Registrar to be added as Wait List. If experienced and want to bring your own kits instead of buying, the kit list includes: - 60 yards each of 2 distinct colors of yarn {the pattern I have is the Atlantian arms so blue and white is nice but any 2 distinctly different colors will do} -A set of 5 knitting needles appropriate for the yarn {if one or 2 are not exactly the same gauge it is fine if they are close , it all works out!} -One yard of a third contrasting color of yarn OR, 8 split markers -2 blank sheets of paper and at least 4 paper clips. Those who bring their own kits can purchase the handout including the pattern for 2 dollars.