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Carving Tools, Materials and Techniques and how they are Alike and Not

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Valdis of Gotland

Instructor's Kingdom: Atlantia, Time Zone: EST
University Session:
UA100 February 2, 2019
Crs #:
Sat Feb 02
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
2 hrs
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No track assigned
This class will be discussing hand carving tools and how different materials respond to them. While many of the carving tools in period may look alike, the materials they are used on react far differently from eachother. Proper technique, tools and an understanding of your material will help you move fluently from one material to another. We will be looking at wood, bone, horn, ivories (both vegetable and mammal). We will also discuss other materials such as soapstone, amber, jet and sandstone. Materials will be on hand so you can see what actually happens to the material as the instructor is explaining the different techniques. Because of the shortage of tools and materials, most of the class will be observation and discussion only. The instructor will have some materials and tools available for you to try your hand at in order to appreciate the uniqueness of the material. We will have samples of carved pieces in different materials by the instructor, as well. If you are looking at getting into carving in the near or far future, then this class is the perfect primer to help you choose the proper tools, materials and be able to approach it with some understanding of how the two will work together in your hands. Lord Valdis of Gotland is an accomplished carver, currently specializing in horn, bone and ivories. With over 30 years of wood working experience and almost 20 years working with horn, bone, ivory, amber, jet and stone. Valdis has an in depth understanding of how each material reacts to tools and the experience of a self taught carver that made many mistakes in tool purchases, usage and techniques. Take this rare opportunity to learn as Valdis walks through each material and their characteristics and the hand tools that turn your lump of raw material into a work of art.