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Pythagorean intonation for singers - tuning with your face

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Iselda de Narbonne

Instructor's Kingdom: Atlantia, Time Zone: EST
University Session:
UA103 February 1, 2020
Crs #:
Sat Feb 01
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
1 hr
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Performing Arts
Performing Arts
Prerequisite: Students taking this class MUST take 10 AM "Pythagorean intonation - making medieval music sparkle" before attending this class. This is a practical session for singers.  It's one thing to hear and understand what makes those pure intervals so special, but quite another to produce mathematically perfect intervals yourself!  Fortunately, you need not spend agonizing hours singing into a tuner to nail Pythagorean intonation.  In this class, you will practice singing intervals against a drone, so that you can hear and feel (literally with the bones of your face) when you hit that perfect Pythagorean interval.  We'll explore the intervals of the Dorian mode, and make the room sing and our faces buzz! This course is for confident singers with good pitch.  You should be able to hear a random series of 3 notes, and sing back those same notes.  We will be learning a singing technique that may be different than how you typically sing, but will allow you to sing with the resonance necessary to lock in pure intervals during practice.  This a continuation of the first class which is an introduction to Pythagorean tuning. Singers MUST be present for the first class to participate in the second, to ensure that we're all on the same page.  If you are just interested in learning about Pythagorean intonation, but aren't yet ready to try it out, please see "Pythagorean intonation - making medieval music sparkle."