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Old Norse Poetry: Fornyrðislag and the 'hattrs

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Deirdre O'Bardon

Instructor's Kingdom: Atlantia , Time Zone:EST
University Session UA103 February 1, 2020 Course # 403
Time 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Fee
Length 1 hr Credits 1
Attendees 8/∞ Room Goodpaster109
Course Category Literature

This is a brief introduction to poetic language and the Old Norse poetic forms called fornyrðislag and málaháttr. If there is time, I will also discuss ljóðaháttr and kviðuháttr. An optional handout showing the basic requirements of fornyrðislag, málaháttr, ljóðaháttr and kviðuháttr will be available, possibly for a fee which will be no more than $2.00. The electronic version of the handout is free.
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