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Adjusting Stockings for Custom Fit

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Instructor's Kingdom: Atlantia, Time Zone: EST
University Session:
UA103 February 1, 2020
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4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
1 hr
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Costume and Textiles
Modern knitting patterns nearly always come with recommended yarn, needle, and stitch gauge recommendations to ensure proper fit. Period patterns, or adjustments to modern patterns for different yarn, needles, or fit, can therefore flummox even experienced knitters, especially when any element of geometry is involved. Adjusting gauge for a scarf to adapt to smaller or larger gauge is fairly straightforward; adjusting gauge for stockings, however, can be a bit more tricky. In this class, we'll talk through the different elements of a stocking pattern that can be adjusted to allow for custom fit stockings with any yarn, needle, and to fit any individual. The class will be fairly math-focused, but I'll provide you with as many ways to make your brain bend most easily around the calculations and considerations. I'll use Nancy Bush's Stockings with Clocks pattern as the example as I've made multiple pairs of stockings using it for different individuals, in a range of heights (mid-calf (as the pattern is written), knee-high, and over-the-knee) and calf/foot widths, and using yarn ranging from Halcyon 2/12 silk to KnitPicks fingering weight wool and cotton. Handouts will provide a list of necessary measurements and the steps needed to calculate a custom pattern to ensure the right fit.
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