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Introduction to Andean Textiles and Looms

Maria Lopeitza de Luna

Instructor's Kingdom: Atlantia, Time Zone: EST
University Session:
UA104 June 13, 2020
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10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
2 hrs
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Costume and Textiles
Known Andean Textile history begins with basketry in 8000BC. This region didn't just develop textiles early in their history, textiles were the primary development on which civilization was based. The Inca are the only civilizations classified as such without a typical written language; instead they had a "writing" system based entirely in fiber. This class will begin exploring the extant material culture from the Andean region, including museum textiles, applicable recorded histories, and period drawings and paintings. I am going to attempt to introduce every broad type of textile art performed in this region, including spinning, cord making, looped techniques, weaving, and feather work. I will also present information on the fibers used in the region, which are among the finest in the world, and the tools used to work them. I have done my most in depth research on weaving, so this section will be the most well developed (and trust me, it's not quite like anywhere else in the world). The purpose of this class is to bring as many examples from this unique tradition to the attention of as many people as possible. I plan on offering a more focused class on the principles of Andean weaving later on. Come prepared for a visual feast; maybe you'll fall in love and find your next project along the way.
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