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Papercut arts from around the world

Ciaran ua Meic Thire

Instructor's Kingdom: Atlantia , Time Zone:EST
University Session UA105 September 12, 2020 Course # 226
Time 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Fee
Length 1 hr Credits 1
Attendees 18/∞ Room Madrid
Course Category Arts & Sciences

Since paper was invented in China (and, in some cases, even earlier than that), people have been cutting it to make art. From China to Germany, India to South/Central America, and plenty of places in between, papercut arts come in many forms all over the world and the timeline. Come learn one of the easiest and cheapest forms of A&S that you've probably been doing since you were a kid and didn't even know it (yes, paper snowflakes are in fact period!) Class will not be recorded but slides can be provided to any provided email address (also available for those not in the class)
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