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Imitation as a Path to More Authentic Original Poetry/Song

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Olivier de Bayonne

Instructor's Kingdom: Atlantia , Time Zone:EST
University Session UA105 September 12, 2020 Course # 617
Time 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Fee
Length 1 hr Credits 1
Attendees 14/∞ Room Nuremberg
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One of the more difficult skill sets to cultivate in the SCA as a poet (or songwriter, or storyteller, or...) is an 'authentic' voice through which to channel one's ideas--a voice that sounds like it fits in to a particular time and place, not just in terms of meter or structure but also philosophical outlook, turn of phrase, and general language/syntax. So how does one even begin to move in this direction? In this class, we'll talk through some strategies to familiarize ourselves with... 1. the poetic qualities we're trying to imitate (and how to recognize what those qualities are so that we can do so), 2. the kinds of practices we're trying to imitate (and what that might mean re: writing for SCA audiences vs. medieval audiences), and 3. awareness of the motivations we may have in doing so (and how that can help us better cultivate these skills). Bring your interests and questions, and hopefully we can have a fantastic conversation that gives everyone involved some new ideas & directions to pursue! Course handout link:
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