University of Atlantia

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HMA A&S: What is it and how can I do it?

Julien de la Fontaine

Instructor's Kingdom: Atlantia , Time Zone:EST
University Session UA106 February 13, 2021 Course # 137
Time 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Fee
Length 1 hr Credits 1
Attendees 8/99 Room Training Room
Course Category Martial Arts

The A&S discipline of Historical Martial Arts is a relatively new and misunderstood pursuit. In this class, Master Julien de la Fontaine breaks down what it is and how it's practiced. Additionally he will clearly lay out how to start your own HMA A&S practice and help you build your HMA A&S portfolio if you've already been doing it! Class will be recorded and posted on youtube.
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