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I want to try scribing! Now what?

Philomene de Lys

Instructor's Kingdom: Atlantia , Time Zone:EST
University Session UA106 February 13, 2021 Course # 104
Time 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Fee
Length 1 hr Credits 1
Attendees 37/∞ Room Art
Course Category Arts & Sciences

You've seen those amazing scrolls awarded during’d like to try doing that. How do you start? Where do you find resources? What do you use to make those scrolls? Who do you contact for help? Can I do a non-traditional scroll (yes!)? Answers and source info to get you started on your path. (Handout links provided, and §§§ SCRIBAL KITS §§§ will be sent after to those who wish to try illumination or calligraphy!). This class will not be recorded.
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