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University Session #79 - June 11, 2011 - Canton of Brockore Abbey

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207Corsairium 101 - An Introduction to the Nautical Guild of AtlantiaMedicine at SeaLCThe Battle of LePanto and its Influence on Naval WarfareIntroductory discussion on Seafaring FoodiesCavalry 101: Ground Crew Authorization 
208MOL 101uo  Exchequer Office HoursExchequer Office Hours
209Medieval Games- A HistoryMedieval Games- A PracticumnnSilk-paintingAn Introduction to the History of the Known WorldeWeaving cords With the LucetKumihimo on a Disk
210Target Archery MarshalcvBeginning ArcheryCamping in the SCAThe Medieval Climate Optimum and Viking colonizationNewcomer's Discussion lead by a 'Newcomer'
211 Evolution of seated furniture through our periodhoBuilding a Medieval Tape Measure 
214Scribal Basics 101Introduction to Feast CookingcDumpling I: A Dissertation and Dumpling II: The fun begins!Camp Cooking Basics for War or The War Camp KitchenCover Your Head! Easy 12th-15th Century Ladies' Haircoverings
218Animals in the Middle AgesWhat do the backs of 16th-17th C. embroidered garments REALLY look like?aIntroduction to Herbal GardeningManual for a Good Marriage and more: Le Menagier de ParisSalves, Tinctures and HerbsWhats That Smell? An Aromatic Walk Through History
219Organizing and heralding court: part 1Organizing and heralding court: part 2tLearning and Knowledge in the Middle Ages and RenaissanceHow to be an Effective Retainer Capital Idea - Romanesque Decoration in France
222Characterization and Purposeful Movement in PerformanceStory CreationiStory DevelopmentPerforming PoetryBardic competitions: performing in them, judging them, running them, sponsoring them.Bardic Circle
229Period DuelsRapier Melee 101oCut and Thrust 101Cut and Thrust 105: Long SwordCut and Thrust 111 and 115: Pracitcum
519 Chirurgeon: From CIT to CICnBeginner English Country DanceBeginner 16th Century French Dance