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University Session #80 - October 1, 2011 - Barony of Bright Hills

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101How To Start A Herald’s Office From ScratchHeraldic Design for Viking and Norse personasLCSo You Want a Medieval Italian NameHeraldry for non-heraldsAmulets, Magic and Magic Users in the Middle Ages
102The Basics of Feast PlanningPersian GardensuoWith the Voices of Angels: An Overview of Gregorian Chant14th Century NalbindingScouting Out the Bead
103Feasting in the Modern Middle Ages: A Beginner's GuideUsing Archaeological Reports for SCA ResearchnnElizabethan Hairstyles for Women - and how to make themCover Your Head! Easy 12th-15th Century Ladies' HaircoveringsResearch without Extants: Early Cultures and Lower ClassesCreative Event Planning
104Introduction to Natural Philosophy in the Middle AgesTopics in Natural Philosophy: CosmologycvIntroduction to Herbal GardeningWhats That Smell? An Aromatic Walk Through HistoryWomen’s Hair Styles from 1400-1600 A.D.Cavalry 101
108Period Theater – Styles, Sources, and SCA PerformanceStorytelling 101hoLet’s Talk Instruments!The Court Fool, in History and in the SCACantigas de Santa MariaWhat’s Your Repertoire? – A Musician’s Roundtable
119Historic English Cross StitchCentral Asian Textiles - Mongols, Weaving and More.cA brief look at the 100 year War (1337-1453)Period Knitted StockingsKnitted Hats and Headgear 
120Middle Class Elizabethan Men's Clothing: 1570-1600Middle class Elizabethan Women's clothing: 1570-1600aBeginner Lady's Costume - Manesse Codex (German 1304-1340)Look Like You Stepped Out of a Woodcut: Southern German Dress in the Late 16th CenturyViking Garb for Beginners
121Opus Teutonicum - German Whitework EmbroiderytPearl EmbroideryPadded Metalwork Embroidery
122Stocking Fitting WorkshopiMaking a Pilgrim's BagMedieval PinwheelsConstructing a Basic Mongolian Del
127Introduction to 16th Century Italian DanceUnusual Dances from 16th Century ItalyoIntroduction to DanceBransleDances of the Inns of CourtIntroduction to English County Dance
136Fundamentals of GigantiPeasant flail in the Liechtenaeur traditionnFiore: the Sword in Two HandTroubleshooting Italian RapierThe Wheat from the Chaff
137Armored Marshal 101Field marshaling 201Rapier Marshal 101Combat Archery MarshalSiege Marshal in Training and Crew member
138MOL 101Post-Viking Runic Perpetual CalendarsNon-Elimination TournamentsSurvey of Medieval LithuaniaWestern Influences in East Asia: From Rome through the 14th Century
139Thrown Weapons Marshal TrainingJapanese arrows and arrow heads Target Archery MarshalDecorative Arrows on a Budget
149How to get a great fit every time, or the elusive body block…Easy Fingerloop Braiding--A Lace Bend Round of 8 BowesOverview of Ottoman Turkish ClothingHeràldica Catalana: Heraldry of the Catalan-Aragonese Empire
150Samurai - the Training and Leisure timesEvent Operations PreplanningHow To Teach a ClassTips for an Engaging and Interesting A&S DisplayScroll ideas for non-European personas
237Gilding 101Cutting a QuillSilk Painting 101Medieval Furniture and Woodwork
241Bread Making 101Fun with SugarPeriod Jewish CookingDutch Sauces
ConsultTbl Heraldic Consult Table Practicum Heraldic Consult Table Practicum  
Outside202Beginners Archery (actual Shooting)Flax Processing Fiore: the Sword in Two Hand: Pt 2