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University Session #86 - March 1, 2014 - Barony of Sacred Stone

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302/4Bardic Circles 101 LC  Intro to Commedia dell' Arte
303 BandVoice Heraldry 101Heraldic Ceremonies in AtlantiauoVoice Heraldry 101SCA tournaments for HeraldsBeginner Commenting on OSCARCustomer Service for Heraldic Consultation
305 HomeEcGouda Process 1Why is cheese so hard?nnMaking Fresh RicottaTypes of Cheeses in Historical Recipes Gouda Process 3
307Creative Event PlanningcvRetainer 101What to Expect when the Royals are ExpectedWorking With Youth 101Retinue Management
308Books in Period hoIncorporating Poetry in ScrollsMedieval Book Fore-edge DecorationKnitting in the Round 101
309Folktales and Fairy Tales – Links Across Time and PlacecLet’s Write a Folktale or Fairy TalePerforming Poetry for Children (Adults are welcome too . . .)Building a Melee UnitHow to Train for Fencing
310Herbs and Spices of the Anglo-SaxonsBe consistent with Baker's PercentagesaMoAS 101Lacto Fermentation as a medieval food preservation techniqueMedieval Cooking 101Menu Planning for the Current Middle Ages
311Introduction to Elizabethan Polychrome Embroidery - Hands OnViking Wire Weavingt 'Building the Better Fighter' or Fighting Theory and CraftEvolution of Women's Garb: 1390-1440Evolution of Men's Garb: 1390-1440
312Painting with period pigmentsiBeginning IlluminationFukoro TojiIntroduction to Ebru or Turkish
313Stranded knitting for everyone.oAdvanced KnittingUnderside Couching in Opus Anglicanum EmbroideryFlat Braid Kumihimo
314Target Archery Marshal’s classnField Marshaling 201Triggers for the Germanic Migration  
315   So You're Finally Going to PennsicMedieval Almanac: Life On The FarmIntroduction to Pewter Casting
316Exchequer 101 Part 1Exchequer 101 Part 2Elizabethan Polychrome Embroidery - Hands On
317Oh No! They Want DOCUMENTATION!!Heavy Marshall 101Rapier Melee FundamentalsOn Competitions and Judging 
318Rapier Marshall 101Performing Arts Best PracticesRoses Then and Now....Performing Arts FeedbackSeneschal 101Seneschal 201
320How to run archery shoots at eventsCombat archery Basics and TacticsArrow making 101Building Combat Archery bolts and ammo.Medieval Military and Civilian ArrowsCombat Archery 101
M-3Beginner English Country DanceGresley DancesInns of Court15th century Italian danceIntermediate English Country DanceFrench Branle Dances
Outside  Open Torch Time - Glass Bead Making