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University Session #87 - June 14, 2014 - Canton of Caer Gelynniog

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June 14, 2014

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704Introduction to Pewter CastingThe Evolution of Painting on Water  How to Create a Scroll BlankPaper and Adhesives for the Bookbinder, Illuminator, and CalligrapherGothic Bookbinding: An Overview
707Gilding the ScrollHow to Design A Sweet Bag  Leather or Cloth Pilgrims BagElizabethan trimmings for sweet bags, knife sheaths, and moreBeer Brewing 201
708Introduction to 15th century Italian Courtly DanceBeginner English Country Dance  Leoncello in two versionsGresley Dances16th C Italian DanceThe King's Dances
709Introduction to Enameling Roman Chain (aka Loop-in-Loop chain)
710Combat Archery 101Heralds & Scribes Oh My - How a Herald & Scribe Team Working Together Makes Both Their Jobs Easier  Target Archery MarshalHow to run Archery at EventsArrow making 101
711Autocratting 101  Running a Great Fighting Event (MIC): Scenarios, Management, OrganizationHow to run an MOL table for an Event (For Non MOLs)Service Dogs in the SCASCA & The ADA
712New to the SCA? A Class on the Basics, and Nothing but the Basics!Shiny Hats and Medallions: A New Members Guide to SCA Regalia  Chatelain 101Organize Your Office: Strategies for Keeping Your Chatelain Office Under ControlThere’s so Much Stuff! Organizing and Keeping an effective Gold KeyEveryone’s A Chatelain! Learn How You, A Member of The Society, Can Make a Difference
713Heavy Marshal 101  Making Self-Stuffed Cloth ButtonsRapier Marshal 101Marshal 201 (Field Marshal)
714Horse Categories in the Dark AgesDress to Impress: You and Your Horse  Bringing more to the Equ(it)ationHorse HusbandryRunning with the Hounds/You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound DogEquus Sermo
715Elizabethan Middle-Class Women's ClothingElizabethan Middle-Class Men's Clothing  The Elizabethan TheaterReach for the Stars, 16th Century NavigationShakespeare Mystery Science Theater
717Constructing a 14th c. Almoniere PouchThe Bayeux Tapestry - Stitch and Chat  14th Century Madrigals: Poetic and Musical CharacteristicsDotting your I's and Crossing your T's of Heraldic PaperworkTying the Birka KnotsThe Sine Quadrant in Theory and Practice
718Exchequer 101 - So You Want to Be an Exchequer  Exchequer 201 - Now I'm an Exchequer but Need Help Understanding and Doing the ReportsHead Troll
720Seneschal 101Seneschal 201  So you want to be be Baronage?Landed Baronage RoundtableHow to Run an SCA FeastThe Skjoldehamn Hood, history, pattern and construction
721MOL 101   Equestrian MOLsMOL Tournaments - EliminationMOL Tournaments - Non-Elimination
722Pilgrim's bags: A children's sewing experience  Jazzing up your Anglo-Saxon GarbA Verie Good Way To Take Out Spottes – 16th Century Laundry Techniques & RecipesA Tudor Boys Wardrobe (AKA But Mom I want Pants)Tips, Tricks and Toddlers or Tweenagers
723Training and Drilling, or How To Get Better At RapierJapanese Hokku poetry  Children Come and Hear Cinderella Fairy Tales from Around the WorldC’mon Kids! Let’s write a fairytale! Poland – How its Poetry relates to its History
908Dressing the Bones-Storytelling 101Middle Eastern Drumming - 101 Beginner Part 1  Care and Feeding of the Atlantian Small UnitMiddle Eastern Drumming - 101 Part 2Roses Then and Now....Chivalry round table
909Beginning Italian and Greek Needlelace13th Century German White Work Embroidery  Embroidered Coifs: Extant Designs and Sources for DesignsStiches from Altenburg - German counted white workBeginning Mediterranean Knotted LaceFragrances of the Immortals: Ancient Chinese and Japanese Incense
910Intro to Commedia dell' Arte  Organizing Performing Arts in the SCARunning and Participating in Bardic CirclesFilling in the Blanks; Utilizing Your Space in Scroll Layout and DesignsThe Simplicity of Vinework in Illuminated Manuscripts for the Beginning Scribe
915Getting Saucy with MustardBrick by brick: a review of bakery ovens  Eating Medievally at PennsicFresh Cheeses for your Medieval TableCoffyns, Traps, Tartes