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University Session #89 - February 7, 2015 - Barony of Dun Carraig

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GP 109Heavy Marshal 101LCTurks Head Knot - Hands onFinger Weaving - Greene Dorge - Hands OnMarshal 201 (Field Marshal)
GP 117Motivation: Getting Stuff DoneLight of the Sun; Splendor of Fire: An Introduction to Celtic ChristianityuoTarget Archery Marshal’s MIT classAutocratting 101
GP 154Beginning Embroiderynn14th Century Italian Secular Vocal MusicBasics of Period PoeticsIt's a Crewel world
GP 184Manchet for the Masses; baking bread for a crowdIntroduction to Pewter CastingcvConstruction of a G63 HoupelandeHerbal Infusions for BeginnersBasic Kirtle aka a petticote bodies
GP 185Left Handed FightingGiganti's One True GuardhoBarriffeSplicing RopeA practical understanding of Tempo and MeasureStraight from the Horse's Mouth: All About Commedia dell'Arte Characters
GP 186How to Teach ArcheryHow to run archery shoots at eventscArrow making 101How to Enter an Arts & Sciences Competition (and what to expect when you get there!)Combat Archery 101How to build fun targets on a budget
GP 195MOL 101aHow to Make a Pilgrim's BagEquestrian MOLsMOL Tournaments - Elimination and Non EliminationMathematics through the Middle Ages
GP 197OrigamiNew to the SCA? A Class on the Basics, and Nothing but the Basics!tTitles in the SCAWhat do I do in Court, and Who ARE All Those People??Trim Weaving BasicsNewcomers Guide to Your Heraldic Device
GP 198The Hierarchy of DefenseThe First 1000 Hours: Building a Curriculum to Train FightersiMake Every Day a Training DayCare and Feeding of Bardic CirclesSelf-Teaching at Practice: How to make progress on your own.Sports-related concussion and the SCA fighter
GP ExhibitBeginning Dance StepsBranlesoBeginner English Country DanceIntroduction to 15th century Italian Courtly DanceIntroductory Gresley DancesParsons Farewell/Whirligig
Sch 106Intro to GarbnMedieval Brewing: The alcohol they really drankHedeby Style for TunicsHow to make a 14th century Norwegian style leather coin purseItalian Renaissance Partlets
Sch 109Period Table Manners and Eating GearThe logistics of a successful feastStaffing the Modern Medieval KitchenRecipes for Your First Event Lunch BasketDos and Dont's of Court HeraldryBurnt, Curdled and Dropped - What to Do When Murphy Takes Over Your Kitchen
Sch 111Heralds & Scribes Oh My - How a Herald & Scribe Team Working Together Makes Both Their Jobs EasierBardic 101: Breaking into PerformanceI Want to Be a Scribe, Now WhatIlluminated LettersGilding the Scroll
Sch 132Viking Era Wool Production and UseRapier Combat Marshal 101Chivalry: Cradle to GraveCourtesy for SCA BeginnersEveryone’s A Chatelain! Learn How You, A Member of The Society, Can Make a Difference
Sch 134Medieval WomenTruly Cosmic String Theory- The Rules for Making Prayer BeadsMoAS 101Turning the Mary Rose CanistersTimber Frame Joinery and Form Part 1Timber Frame Joinery and Form Part 2
Sch 161Exchequer 101 - So You Want to Be an ExchequerExchequer 201 - Now I'm an Exchequer but Need Help Understanding and Doing the ReportsBurn it, Bleach it, Soak it, identifying fabricsMore A+S! Let‘s add the brewers!