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University Session #90 - June 13, 2015 - Barony of Black Diamond

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June 13, 2015

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101Exploring Medieval PoetryPainting with colored dirt  Quilling ClassBeginning HeraldryHerbalism: Magic or Medicine?Beginning Paternoster Making
102Exchequer 101 - So You Want to Be an Exchequer  Exchequer 201 - Now I'm an Exchequer but Need Help Understanding and Doing the ReportsImprobable SaintsThe Spread of Christianity Across Europe (Or
103Quodlibet: Medieval Musical Mashups!Bardic 102: Performance Anxiety, Competitions and Documentation  History of the Guitar and its MusicTheater Round TablePolitics and PlayhousesPerformance of Shakespeare: Then versus Now
104Basic Branles (French Dances)Dances for All Ages (Kids & Adults)  Beginners English Country DanceDances for Odd NumbersBeginning Gresley Dances15th Century Italian Dances
105Bardic 101: Bardic BasicsBeginner's C&I - Basic Calligraphy and Illumination  Your First Medieval PicnicGarb 101: Introduction to Clothing in the SCABasic Kirtle aka a petticote bodies
106Telling Time with Richard IIIntro to Blackwork Embroidery  Intro to Pulled Thread EmbroideryStitches from Altenburg - chain stitch on eclesiastical textilesIntro to Reticella
107Recreating the English Woman's Gabled Hood  Timber Frame Joinery and FormBasic furniture joinery and tool preparationTool SharpeningWassail in Whats of Mead? Period Wooden Bowls and Cups
108Stocking the Target Archery Loaner KitBow and Arrow Tuning for the Complete Novice  Rað Rett Runar: Runes for Your PersonaReinventing the WheelSalt Glaze PotteryComposing a formal letter using the Rhetorical style of Renaissance Courts
111HMA Research in the SCA 1: Choosing a PathHMA Research in the SCA 2: The Library  HMA Research in the SCA 3: Annotating a TextHMA Research in the SCA 4: Implementation and Interpretation  
112The Arte of the BanquetThe Loaf of Historical Bread: What Bread Was Really Like in the Medieval Period  There's a Tea for That! Hydrosols in Traditional HerbalismStaffing the Modern Medieval KitchenRyori Monogatari: The Story of FoodFermentation: Historical Preservation Techniques
113MoL 101 + Equestrian MoL  Seneschal 101Seneschal 201Period-ic Sewing Table: Choosing Material Elements for Better Costume Construction
114Heavy Marshal 101  Rapier Marshall 101Marshal 201 (Field Marshal)
401Intro to Commedia dell' ArteEvolution of Painting on Water  A Pilgriming We Will GoRoses Then and NowRapier Linen Body Armor Construction Part 1 PatterningRapier Linen Body Armor Construction Part 2 Costuming
402AOrigamiDoublet Fitting - Overview  Doublet Fitting Hands OnDoublet Fitting Hands On So You Can't Sew? Darn it! We Can Fix That!
402B    16th c clothing and textiles research library 
40316th Century German Fabric Pouch (Make-and-Take Class)Early 16th Century German Peasant Clothing    Open Work or Insertion Seams - Hands On
404Basic Layers for a Viking Era WomanNorse Beads: An overview from the finds at Birka and Townfoot Farm  Many Brews: All the kinds of brew the Atlantia Brewers Guild makes and gets together to talk about Eating Medievally at PennsicHow to Run an SCA Feast
405The Fundamentals of Scroll DesignLawyers, Sheriffs, and Royal Writs  Beginning Period PigmentsIntermediate Period PigmentsStudio Time for PigmentsMaking Your Own Period Pigments
CourtyardAHow to get involved with Equestrian Activities   Engineering for a mobile theater troupe