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University Session #91 - September 19, 2015 - Barony of Sacred Stone

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September 19, 2015

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1Exchequer 101 - So You Want to Be an Exchequer  Exchequer 201 - Now I'm an Exchequer but Need Help Understanding and Doing the ReportsSeneschal 101Seneschal 201
10Intro to Commedia dell' ArteBardic 102: Performance Anxiety, Competitions and Documentation  Responsible Performing in the SCABellydance DrillsMoAS 101Performing Arts Roundtable
11    Handkissing 101The Art of the ComplimentNorthern European Bread and Cheese
12How to Make a Printing Block for TextilesHow to Make a Stencil for Textile Printing  Block Printing Textiles How-toStencil Painting How-To for TextilesTemplate for Making Larger Painting Projects
13Liquor for Law-Abiding BrewersMead-making 101  Introduction to brewingAll-grain brewing demo
2Northern European Migration TriggersBasic Bonsai  Intro to Pottery Part 1Intro to Pottery Part 2Intro to Pottery Part 3
3Introduction to musicTennis Before Rackets  Introduction to Music-Renaissance EraNotation for the Period Guitar, Lute and VihuelaIntroduction to Viking Wire WeavingPractical Rag Picking
4Who are your local officers and what do they do?Retainer 101  Use What You Have: A Guide To Finding SCAdian Uses for Things You Already Have at HomeEffectively Promoting your Event / GroupWhat to Expect when the Royals are ExpectedPeplos Palooza! How to Make a Peplos
5MOL 101  MOL Tournaments - Elimination and Non EliminationSo You Can't Sew? Darn it! We Can Fix That!Youth MOLsEquestrian MOLs
6Prostitution in SCA Period  History of Roses Beginning in Ancient RomeMajor events of late Middle AgesSex in Western Culture
7Subtleties; Not Just Sugar!Herb Preservation (I planted an herb garden… now what?)  Medicinal and Edible Herbs and Plants of the Anglo-SaxonsGetting to know your Spices (Northern Europe)Spices of Islamic Spain and North AfricaOrigami
8Heavy Marshal 101  Marshal 201 (Field Marshal)Rapier Marshal 101
9 Youth Combat parent/Child class  Youth Marshal classYouth combat sword construction classYouth armored Combat practice
Arch ClassArchery Marshal/Marshal In Training Class  How to Teach ArcheryHistory of Japanese ArcheryFlemish bow string makingHow to run the archery range for events
Arch Range    Speed ShootingIntermediate ArcheryPractical Japanese Archery 
CastleBeginner danceIntro English Country Dance  Intermediate English Country DanceIntroductory ItalianGresleyGracca Amorosa
Field 1How to do: the basics  How to do: the basics of longswordHow to do: Marshalling the difficult situation or person 
Field 2Combined Arms - Fighters guide to working with Combat ArcheryA practical understanding of Tempo and Measure  Giganti's One True GuardItalian rapier from the waist upWho's Line is it Anyway (SWORD) 
Field 3Melee Boot Camp: How to be a team playerMelee Boot Camp: Melee drills for individual roles  Melee Boot Camp: Melee drills in a 5v5 contextMelee Boot Camp: Leadership in a small unitMelee Boot Camp: Advanced tacticsMelee Boot Camp: Melee Practicum
SmeltIron age smelting stack furnace construction.
Vingolf 1Illuminated LettersBeginning Calligraphy  Scroll Layout and DesignShady, Shady Scribes: Highlighting & Shading TechniquesMaking Period InksScribal Roundtable
Vingolf 2Glove Affair: Making Gloves  Keepers of the Clewe - Knitting in the SCABut My Illuminated Letter is an A and I Can't Find the Right Text.Beginning Bobbin LaceWho's Line is it Anyway (PEN)
Vingolf 3Periodic Sewing Table : Choosing Material Elements for Better Costume Construction    Recreating the Early Tudor Woman's 'Gabled Hood'
Vingolf 4Trial by combatThe Art of rope and knots  Simple Salve MakingA Natural F