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University Session #92 - February 6, 2016 - Barony of Raven's Cove

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AmpitheatrPlaying Period HandballPerforming Festival DancesLCGlass Bead Making, an introduction to the history and process of Glass-Bead Making  
Hall119A Brief History of Period Japanese PerformanceJapanese Clothing 101uoNot Bamboo! Japanese armor and how it is madeIntroduction to KumihimoFlat-braiding on a Round Kumihimo diskJapanese Names
Hall120Exchequer 101 - So You Want to Be an ExchequernnExchequer 201 - Now I'm an Exchequer but Need Help Understanding and Doing the ReportsChatelain 101Seneschal Roundtable
Hall121Seneschal 101Seneschal 201cvEquestrian Marshaling 101Mounted Archery for the Target Archery MarshalMOL 101
Hall127  coIntroduction to Fiore di LiberiAtlantian Hugs (Fiore's Dagger Plays)Longsword for Lovers (Fiore's Longsword Plays)The Forest and the Trees (Fiore's Decision Trees)
Herring100Introduction to EnamelingcCreative Commons and Copyright Law for SCAdians  Ebru (Turkish Paper Marbling)
Herring101Equestrian 101Finding the medieval among the modernaPattern Drafting From Measurements to a Paper PatternBlackwork 101Reversible Blackwork - practical and design
Herring118Sumer is i-cumen in and Beyond- middle English tunesMix and Match Scroll TextstScribal Arts - TipsCalligraphy 201 Taking a Period text and Turning It into a Calligraphic HandAbout the Baltic Region 
Herring119Taking the Pain Out of Period Pigments: An Overview of the Chemistry of Period PigmentsPainting with Period Pigments: A Practicum in Using Period PigmentsiRoses Then and NowHow to grow period rosesMagical Mud Pies: Making Your Own Pigments
Hoffler102Bardic Basics"They can't hear you!": Projection for BardsoA Quick Wit and a Ready Tongue: Improvisational Story TellingImprovisation Skills for life in the SCAIntroduction to Penny whistleBeginning to Play The Recorder
Hoffler106Heavy Marshal 101nTournaments - Elimination and Non-EliminationRapier Marshall 101Marshal 201 (Field Marshal)
Hoffler107Intro to Commedia dell' ArteOverview of the History of Music within SCA PeriodUnderstanding the Atlantian University SystemManaging Performance AnxietyResearch and Resources for performersOrganizing Performing Arts in the SCA for Performers and Event Staff
Hoffler111Spies in the Middle AgesA Review of I Modi: The 16 Pleasures (and similar works)The History of Prostitution It isn't exactly forbidden...Talmudic rules for sex and marriage, cir 1100
Hoffler112Court Heraldry 101Basic Conflict CheckingConflict Checking Using The Complex Search FormProcession Heralding, or "How to Smack Talk Fighters Without Getting Smacked"Voice and Diction for the Field and Court HeraldMeasuring the Middle Ages
Hoffler210Spice Workshop: Spice petting zooSpice Workshop: Powder DouceSpice Workshop: Bonnefon’s & Venetian Strong BlackFeast proportioning: The 40 ounce methodFeast planning. What are the logistic issues of feast planning?Herbal Round Table
Hoffler211Darn It!Veil BeadingGlove Affair: Making Gloves (and Mittens)Landed Baronage Panel 
Hoffler212I'm Here, What's Next?What do I wear? An overview of beginning garb and fabricsFabric identificationI want to be Turkish, now what?Medallions, Titles, and Coronets: A Field Spotters Guide to the SCAPersonal Identity and the Sounds of the Court: Heraldry for the Novice
Hoffler218Basic Embroidery for BeginnersBeginner's Silk PaintingIntroduction to Handspinning on a Drop Spindle
Hoffler220Retainer 101How to do Research to Enter an A&S CompetitionEffectively Promoting your Event / GroupSo You're Finally Going to PennsicCold Water Dyeing
William100There and Back Again, an English Archer goes to AzincourtThere and Back Again, an English Archer goes to Azincourt Part 2