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University Session #94 - September 17, 2016 - Barony of Dun Carraig

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September 17, 2016

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Courtyard1Conducting a Marshallate Complaint Investigation  Fight and WinThe Single Sword Versus
Courtyard2Breaking the Guard: Sizing Up Flaws In An InstantFootwork and Ringcraft: Controlling the Field With Positioning   Rapier Combat Marshall 101Book to Battle - Learning from period manualsGiganti's 1 True Guard
Courtyard3Introduction to Fiore di LiberiAtlantian Hugs  Longsword for Lovers (Fiore's Longsword Plays)The Forest and the Trees (Fiore's Decision Trees)  
Courtyard4What Me Perform Poetry? Who are You Kidding?Bardic Shennanigans  Straight from the Horse's Mouth: All About Commedia dell'Arte CharactersImprovisation Skills for life in the SCAOrganizing Performing Arts in the SCA for Performers and Event StaffTaking the Teeth Out of Stagefright
GP ExhibitDances So Easy, We Don't Do Them at BallsDances from Joy and Jealousy  Intermediate Gresley DancesDances from the GermanBeginner and Popular English Country DancesAdvanced English Country Dances
Gpaster109Thrown Weapons Marshal Training  Armored Marshall 101Combat Archery 101Magic in the Middle AgesA Survey of Period Cryptography
Gpaster117Marking and measuring in periodGolden Dolphin Road Show  Seneschal 101/201Order Principals 101SCA Officers 202Intro to in-kingdom OSCAR commentary
Gpaster154Beginning Fingerloop BraidingAdvanced Fingerloop Braiding  Roses 101: Roses Then and NowStick WeavingRoses 102: Growing Period RosesFingerloop Braid: Two Strings At Once
Gpaster184Creating a Personalized Basic Tunic Pattern  OrigamiFundamentals of Basic Brewing Techniques with MeadMomoyama Period Japanese GarbSports-related concussion and the SCA fighter (rattan, rapier, youth)
Gpaster185Polyphony Before PalestrinaHow to make a Pilgrim's Bag  Beyond Basics - Variations on the herringbone and buttonhole stitchesBlackwork 101Reversible Blackwork - how to design your own
Gpaster186Book Arts Tools and SkillsBrasswork and Piercework BasicsMarshal 201 (Field Marshal) Needle lace and cutworkIntro to a Khazar persona
Gpaster195Quilling, The Art of Paper FiligreeEarly Period Embroidery  Choosing modern commercial fabric for early period costumingSo you want to submit a name and deviceDesigning and building furniture (and other projects) from pictures
Gpaster197Exchequer 101 - So You Want to Be an Exchequer  Exchequer 201 - Now I'm an Exchequer but Need Help Understanding and Doing the ReportsThe Art of Medieval Letter WritingCeltic Knotwork
GPaster198Wee Atlantians: Find them, keep them, grow them into true Scadians!Battle of Hastings  How to Run Archery at an EventVenetian Ladies Garb 1490-1601Making Combat Arrows with the balder bluntHistory of Japanese Archery
Schaefr106Introduction to Beginning Period CookeryResearch and Recreation of Pre-1000 Recipes  The Arte of the BanquetStaffing the Modern Medieval Kitchen Hotel and Event Space Negotiations
Schaefr109Introduction to HandsewingA Guided Tour of Medieval Music  Introduction to Pewter CastingIntroduction to Sand CastingBeginner's Embroidery - Bayeux TapestryBeginner's Illumination - Vines and Nickel Flowers
Schaefr111Protocol for BeginnersHow to Event  How to Get Involved at EventsHow to Fix the HungryCreating Garb 101
Schaefr132Layout and Design for Embroidery for 16th century Shirts and ShiftsArabic in the SCA  Introduction to the Sine QuadrantEuropeans and the Medieval Muslim World