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University Session #95 - February 4, 2017 - Barony of Raven's Cove

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February 4, 2017

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Herring100Retainer 101Fiber Felting and Fulling   Effectively Promoting your Event / Group  
Herring101Rags to Riches, Rag Paper Production during the Middle Ages    Gilding - Adding Gold to Your ScrollsEbru (Turkish Paper Marbling)Retinue Management
Herring118Scribes - Tools of the TradeHeraldry for Scribes: How to read a blazon and lay out an emblazon  Theophilus and the Figure: Period and modern color theory when rendering the human formMentoring in the SCATaking the Pain out of Period Pigments!Scribal Discussion - Critiquing Scrolls
Herring119Rapier Marshal 101  Beginning to Play The RecorderLiechtenauer 101Glass terminology and techniques
Hoffler102Improvisation Skills for life in the SCAOttoman Poetry  Intro to ComediaBardic coaching & upping your performance gameOttoman StorytellingPerforming Arts Roundtable
Hoffler106Turning a Fairy Tale or Folk Tale Into a PoemPainting with Dirt  Introduction to KumihimoFun with Herbs and PoetryGardening for Kids
Hoffler107SCA 101Where's Lord Waldo?  How to Get Involved at EventsWhat do I wear? An overview of basic garb and fabricsCourtesy and Etiquette in the Modern Middle Ages (aka How to win friends and influence people)So You Think You Want To Be......: Persona Development
Hoffler111I want to be Turkish, now what?   Courtesans - Selling the Illusion of LoveCeremonial OrigamiArchery Marshal in Charge: Planning to Reporting
Hoffler112The Role(s) of Anglo-Saxon WomenDining at Gulf Wars  Introduction to wire weavingAdvance wire weaving techniquesSo You're Finally Going to Pennsic!Demos: What are they and can they be done well?
Hoffler210Exchequer 101 - So You Want to Be an Exchequer  Seneschal 101