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University Session #99 - June 16, 2018 - Barony of Black Diamond

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101Underside Couching - the under taught part of Opus AnglicanumHoneycomb SmockingLCGigliuccio (peahole) hemstitchAdvanced Elizabethan Polychrome EmbroideryBasic Applique
102  Lo    
103Basics of Calligraphy (Pages Academy)The Story Tree (Pages Academy)nn Make a BraceletRobin Hood HatFun with Herbs
104Beginning kumihimo (Children)Beginning knitting (Children)cvIntro to Blackwork (Children)Basic Heraldry (Children)  
105Monsters of the Middle Ages 1: Beowulf and Beyond hoSpoken Latin for SCAdiansBloodied Banners
106Virtual Glassblowing 101Magic BagcThrown Weapons MarshalMaterial Culture in Early Medieval IrelandFurniture Styles Basic
107Target Archery Marshal Warrant ClassaIntroduction to Arrow Building: The Materials Field Marshal 201Rapier Marshal 101
108Exchequer 101 Exchequers Forms and FunctionstExchequer 201 Exchequer's Quarterly ReportsGate Steward 
111MOLs & TechnologyiChatelaine 101 & Demo DiscussionsChatelaine 102 & Demo Discussion continueMOL 101 and Tournaments
112Retainer 101Autocrat 101oEffectively Promoting Your EventHow to make your a SCA function more accessible friendly 
113Take Your Heraldry And Stick It...Finding Your Combat IdentitynAward RecommendationsWhat is a Royal Secretary?Don’t Make Us Turn This Reign Around
114SCA 101Getting More Involved at Events & with Your Local GroupArmoured Marshal 101 A Newcomers Guide to RegaliaCourtesy and Etiquette in the Modern Middle Age
401 Black Hours - Theory and HistoryMake & Take a Fabric Painted PouchCeltic KnotworkIntroduction to Tablut
402How to support the ArtsBehind the Veil- understanding what happens at arts and sciences competitions.A Mock judging of real A&S entries using the Atlantian forms and guides.Getting over the fear of Entering or Judging A&S competitionsMOAS Roundtable: Feedback on judging and competitionsTackling the Persona Pentathlon
403   Beginning Woodworking Tools Tool Sharpening
404SCA GeographyRoses 101: Roses Then and NowRoses 102: Growing Period RosesCryptography: constructing ciphers using period methodsTying the Birka Knots 
405An Introduction to Hand sewingDetermining Fiber Content with Fire, Water and OilRecreating Renaissance Reds: Dyeing red in the RenaissanceMaking and using Bara Measuring TapesPlanning a Big Hand Sewing Project 
Chapel    Pennsic Pile Practice 
CommonsIntroductory English Country DanceChoreography & Composition by CommitteeIntroductory Italian DanceBeyond the Basics of 15th century Italian DanceIntermediate English Country DanceDance like the Valois: Improvised Dances for the music of the French Renaissance Guitar
CourtyardC&T Swordplay From the Ground Up    
Field Trip      
Gym AIntermediate dances (Stefan of Cambion) A Sphere Can Be Thought of As a Very Round WedgeGoal Setting - Setting Yourself up with a Winning MindsetTrain to be Better than Your Heroes 
Gym BIntroduction to Writing Old Norse PoetryThe Quest for StoryImprovisation Skills for SCA LifeCommedia Workshop 201Organizing Performing Arts in the SCA