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University Session #100 - February 2, 2019 - Barony of Caer Mear

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February 2, 2019

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600Building a Group Persona (La Belle Compagnie)A Survey of Silk (La Belle Compagnie)  The Flower of Battle: Chivalric Fighting Techniques (La Belle Compagnie)The Flower of Battle: Introductory Practicum to Period Dagger Technique (La Belle Compagnie)"Do the Wasshe and Do the Wringe": Medieval laundry and textile care (La Belle Compagnie)On Being a Christian Before the Reformation (La Belle Compagnie)
620Autocratting 101: The Boring LegworkAutocratting 102: What Happens During and After the Event  Autocratting 201: Finding Sites and Negotiating RatesAutocratting 301: Comparing and Contrasting CA113Organizational Tips & Tricks for a Head CookThe Art of Nasty(crat)
622Church and StateHow to make a Pilgrim's Bag  Heraldry: Basic Name DocumentationSo I submitted my name and/or device- Now what?Now You're on the ThronesConflict Resolution 101
80012th Century Women's Clothing12th Century Women's Hairstyles      
802SCA GeographyEventing with Kids  Roses 101: Roses Then and NowRoses 102: Growing Period Roses  
804Rað Rett Runar: Runes for Your PersonaMedieval Woods and North American Counterparts  Medieval & Renaissance Fenced WheelbarrowsCharting the Nalbinding of the NileCarving Tools, Materials and Techniques and how they are Alike and Not
807But I can't Paint ... or even DRAW!White Scarf Round Table  Pattern drafting 101--the Sideless Surcote/CyclasMaking an viking knife sheath (York Arch.)
808Armored Youth Combat Marshal 101Espionage and Covert Action in the Elizabethan Age  Hammer of the Witches: Witch Hunts and Trials Norse Boats of the Viking EraHow to Become a Sonneteer: A Guide to Poetic Performance
809Gilding for scribes  Gems and Pearls in PaintScrolls By DesignOn The Just Shaping of LettersCalligraphy 201 - Exemplar to Ductus
809Gilding for scribes  Gems and Pearls in PaintScrolls By DesignOn The Just Shaping of LettersCalligraphy 201 - Exemplar to Ductus
810Beginning BlackworkReversible Blackwork - design and execution  Punto in Aria 
812Introduction to Opus AnglicanumIntroduction to Three Opus Anglicanum Techniques  Netting 101Netting 102Beginning Embroidery
813So you want to be an Exchequer - Exchequer 101  Exchequer 201 - The ReportUsing Social Media in the SCA
814Seed Beads 101Seed Beads 102  Stitches from Luneburg - exploring Klosterstitch embroideryRussian pearl embroidery
815Target Archery Marshal Warrant Class  How to Teach ArcheryBuilding Period-style Arrows for Target ArcheryScottish Clothing: More Than Just KiltsJustice by Blood and Iron - The History and Legal Process of Trial by Combat
816The English Language from Beowulf to the BardThe Madmen, Mystics, and Monsters of the Icelandic Sagas  Savaging the Heorot: A Beowulf PrimerThe Icelandic Sagas: A Focus on Njala SagaOld Norse Poetry: Fornyraislag and the HattrsCiphers at the edge of Period; Secrets from the King's strongbox
818Beginner's No-Turn LucetAdvanced No-Turn Lucet  Untangling Yarn Size conventions for Different Fibers Early Modern Brooms
819Minister of the Lists (MoL) 101MoLs & Marshals  MOLs and TechnologyMoL Tournaments!
820The 10th Century Dublin Cap as Excavated from Fishamble StreetMaking a Goffered Veil  Measuring for Great FitBringing Sexy Back? Perception and Popular Opinion of 14th Century ClothingAn introduction to Mamluk caps
821What is a Royal SecretaryMaking it Happen: A Field Guide to Effective Head Retaining  Don’t Make Us Turn This Reign AroundA Conversation about Feast Planning: Bring your Thoughts & QuestionsWho is That Wearing the Hat?MOL Youth & Minors
823Yarn and Thread, Uses and How to Spin ThemSpinning Beyond Singles  Disability info for anyoneDisability at an EventDisability Q&ABeing Atlantia Landed Baronage
900Above & Beyond Fundamentals of Bardic PerformanceSCA Persona Development    Designing a SundialDiptych Sundials
901    By Hoof and By Horn: Scapegoats and other Wronged FolkCarve your tongue-song on the truth-keeper: an exploration of Norse KenningsMy Sonnets Words Are Nothing Like a Pun 
902But to Foule Lust and Likynge of Lecherye: Menstruation, Family Planning, & Women's Bodily Autonomy  Courtesan Persona 101The Doom of Naples: The Rise of Syphilis 
903Basic Wire Weaving  Advanced Wire WeavingViking Wire Weaving expandedViking Wire Weaving Hollow Forms 
904Drawbored Mortise and Tenon - The King of Joinery (Gardiner's Company)Leather Jerkins & Doublets 1550-1650 (Gardiner's Company)  16th Century Elizabethan Board & Card Games (Gardiner's Company)Making a Venetians Pattern (Gardiner's Company)
906 The Academic Bard  Research and Documentation for the Performing ArtsVoyage of the Vikings 2018Poultry in PeriodAquaculture in Period
908Intermediate Gresley DancesAdvanced English Country Dance - Argeers  Intermediate English Country DanceInteractive Dances - let's play dancing games.Tesara - Intermediate Italian Ribbon DanceHow to Teach Dance and Build Effective Local Practices
909Keeping the Harvest - Medieval Food Preservation TechniquesJust because they grew it does not mean they ate it: the mixed acceptance of period New World foods  Building a Cheese FeastCheese Selection: Green, New, Old and OthersKeeping Kosher in PeriodLenten Lies: Omnivores Survival Guide
910Beginner's English Country DanceBasic Italian Dance  Dance like the Valois: Improvised Dances for the music of the French Renaissance GuitarBeyond the Basics of 15th century Italian DanceDances from the Inns of Court 
911Intro to Mead makingAdvanced Mead making  Intro to Beer MakingIntroduction to whole grain Beer  
913Armored Marshaling 101   Rapier Marshal 101Field Marshal 201Sex, Gender, and SCAdian Combat
914Beginning Calligraphy & Illumination (12 years & older)  Gothic Books Uncovered!
915So You Want to Cook a Feast? - Feast Planning Resources & LogisticsFeast proportioning and budgeting: The 40-ounce method  Edible Molding CompoundsHermits and AnchoritesWarm Soup for a Warm Bed
Aux GymStrength & Flexibility for Fighters (and everyone else)An Introduction to the MS I.33 Manual  Developing DrillsAn introduction to the armored steel sword experimentBasic Sword and Dagger for Cut and Thrust
ForumOrganizing Performing Arts in the SCA for Performers and Event StaffBardic 101  Introduction to Commedia dell' ArtePractical Ap Huw: Welsh harp musicSing Like a Pilgrim
Gym A    Rapier Melee 101Introduction to Dagger in SCA Rapier combatThe Care and Cleaning of your Rapier equipment 
Gym BThe Two Sword Solo Rules of Domingo GodinhoAdvanced Concepts and Haupstucke in the Liechtenauer Tradition  Fiore: Up Close and PersonalApplying Fiore's Combat system to SCA Combat FormsFiore for the Armored Medieval FightFiore Poleaxe
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