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University Session #102 - September 21, 2019 - Barony of Hawkwood

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September 21, 2019

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A101Calligraphy 101Show me your scrolls  Scribal Basics Block printing for beginners 
A102Beginner’s English Country Dance15th c. Italian Dance for 3 people  Dance like the Valois-Improv dances for French Renn GuitarA mixed bag of Gresley DanceMore interesting English Country DanceShades of Orynge and Grene Gynger - Gresley Dances
A103Roses 101: Roses Then and NowRoses 102: Growing Period Roses  Kumihimo for beginnersKumihimo on a Card  
A201 How to Throw a Feast 101      
A203Chatelain Alchemy: Feeding the Fire and resparking embers#Atlantia  Retainer 101Medieval Goldwork Embroidery as seen in Opus Anglicanum 
B101SCA 101SCA 102: Preparing for an Event  SCA GeographyGarb and Gear on a Budget  
B102Online Resources for the Independent ResearcherIslamic influence in Italian textiles and clothing 1400-1600  Research beyond Pinterest and GoogleHow to support the artsMOAS round table, what can the MOAS office do betterHow to Judge for those who do not do A&S
B103How to Hang a Mouse - An Introduction to the MabinogionIntroduction to Norse Mythology: The Eddas  Heraldry 101Bead Embroidery Coif 
B104Basic Blackwork EmbroideryBeginning Embroidery, or "Which End IS The Pointy One??"  Introduction to German Brick StitchGerman Brick Stitch: Try The Stitch Drawn Thread Embroidery Handkerchief, Make and Take Class
B105So, you want to be a herald?Customer Service for Heralds  Commenting on Names: Some Useful Points to ConsiderSCA Heraldry for Non-Heraldic CulturesIntroduction to Classical and Medieval Latin Personal NamesCourt as Theater
B201The Lost Colony and the First English-Speaking AmericansAround 1000 AD - a look at England through Aelfric   Rebel WomenIntro to Japanese clothing, history, and persona options
B205So You Want to be a ScribeHand Spindle Petting Zoo  How to make your own pair of Side Lace Turn ShoesHands-On Make your own Side Lace Turn Shoes
B207Temari Basics  Pattern Reading for Inkle Loom  Painted and Perfumed Garb
BandIntro to the Performing ArtsMy Guitar's Persona is a Guitar  Bardic 102: Choosing MaterialFear-free Novice Bardic ExhibitionCommedia dell' Arte for NON actorsPerformer's Roundtable
C101Exchequer 101      
C102Shading for artists and illuminators 101  Blackwork Embroidery for Beginners - Biscornu Make-and-Take Shading for artists and illuminators 201
C103Carve your tongue-song on the truth-keeper: an exploration of Norse KenningsBy Hoof and By Horn: Scapegoats and other Wronged Folk  Overview of Troubadour Lyric Poetry: Themes, Genres, FormsThe Music of the Troubadours, for poets and bardsPerforming PoetryMessing with Meter: A Survey of Poetic Rhythm in Period
C105Developing Leadership in the SCADeeds of Arms: Armored Competitions Beyond Tourney and Melee  12 tips for Baronage that no one ever mentionsWhat Baronage means to me....Presence & CourtPeriod Pups
D204Seneschal 101Seneschal 201  Autocrat 101  
D206MOL for Youth and MinorsMOLs and Technology  Conflict Resolution Methods - People not HeraldryMOL 101MOL 102 Tournaments
D210Rapier round table discussion  Rapier Marshal 101Field Marshal 201Fight Smart, Not Hard 
Gym Renaissance Knife Fight: Bolognese Dagger of Achille Marozzo  Lunge Workshop: Why Good Attacks FailIntroduction to Johann Georg Pascha's RapierIntroduction to Marcelli's Rapier and DaggerIntroduction to Longsword in the Liechtenauer Tradition
Outdoor Classroom 1 Care for Canvas Tents      
Outdoor Classroom 2 Firestarting with Flint and Steel