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University Session #103 - February 1, 2020 - Barony of Dun Carraig

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CourtyardFlint and Steel Firemaking  C    
Goodpaster103Medieval Cordage and Knot TyingBeginning EmbroideryIlluminated Margins: Marginalia & Drolleries in ManuscriptsoThe Quest and the QuestionTranslating ancient texts to build performance piecesBoats of the Norse TraditionBe a Pilgrim, Not a Martyr
Goodpaster109  Ænglisc Is Wyrd: A History of the English LanguagenOld Norse Poetry: Fornyrðislag and the 'hattrsAndalusian PoetryWriting Workshop: Writing Kharjas 
Goodpaster117MOL 101MOL Youth & MinorsThe Care and Feeding of Your ArmyvMOL 102 TournamentsMoLs & MarshalsMOLs and Technology
Goodpaster152 Intro to Knitting in the Round o    
Goodpaster154Brewing in Your Kitchen 101 cBrewing with Gruit HerbsBrewing for the Standard Issue Stick JockCordials 101 
Goodpaster184Exchequer 101Queens and Queenship in the Middle AgesaSimple Saint Birgitta Cap Make-and-TakeIt's All Good In The Hood: Drafting a 14th Century HoodAdjusting Stockings for Custom Fit
Goodpaster185The Salerno Health RegimenGarb 101 tThe Art of Spinning  Runic Ciphers
Goodpaster186Making Celtic Change: British Iron Age coinsMaking It RealThree Raised Stitches for the Anachronistic Needle-workeriViking Age Embroidery StitchesPunto in Aria
Goodpaster188Measuring for Great FitMelee 101 - Small Unit TacticsoGetting Good At Things (part 1)Getting Good At Things (part 2)Documentation: your game planPeriod Ballads: What they are and how to create them
Goodpaster195Pythagorean intonation - making medieval music sparklePythagorean intonation for singers - tuning with your faceDesigning a SundialnSing Like a Pilgrim IIIntro to Japanese clothing, history, and persona optionsNo not that Viking (making Norse kit that is more specific)
Goodpaster197Combat Archery Marshal 101Armored Marshal 101Justice by Blood and Iron - The History and Legal Process of Trial by CombatField Marshal 201Rapier Marshal 101Brass Casting - Lost Wax vs Sand CastingThe Armored Steel Combat Experiment, What you need to know
Goodpaster198Yet Forget Not, That I Am an Ass: Research & Documentation IYet Forget Not, That I Am an Ass:Research & Documentation IICoaching and the Art of Constructive CriticismM0AS Handbook RoundtableHow to Judge for those who do not do A&SHow to Teach a Class
GoodpasterExhibitIntroductory Italian DanceIntroduction to Bransle Dances A mixed bag of Gresley DancesIntermediate English Country DanceItalian Dance: Fettuccine for FiveGet it done!
REC Court 1Movement and Strength Building for FightersLetia’s Delightfully Delicious World of FencingC&T Swordplay From the Ground Up Harder Better Faster Stronger: Cross-training For Rapier
REC Court 2   Lunge Workshop: Why Good Attacks FailI.33 part 2: The CrutchAlfieri's Rapier 
Schaefer106Enslavement Practices of Ancient RomeSeeing Through the Veil on Roman Matronas.Northern Principality DiscussionAncient Material Culture: Anatomical VotivesAncient North African NamesIntroduction to Church History
Schaefer109Translating SCA JargonDyeing Perg for Black HoursHow to Shoot your Friends: Introduction to Photo CompositionThe SCA on a BudgetPersona DevelopmentFeasting & Food for NewcomersRise of the RoxStars: A Case Study in Recruiting & Retention
Schaefer111"What Do You Mean by That?" A Scribes Guide to HeraldeseCalligraphy 101So you want to make a harp?Introduction To SCA Scribal ArtsWorking with Puzzle InitialsThis is not the Scroll you are looking for
Schaefer132Champlevé Enameling WorkshopHerbs for Gynecology and Obstetrics Espionage and Covert Action in the Elizabethan AgeFundamentals of Embroidery-Dressing a Slate frame
Schaefer134Hats of the Ancient WorldViking Hair StylesThe Way of Saint James:The Santiago Pilgrimage Then and NowLet's Be Frank: Frankish Clothing in the Age of CharlemagneDeeper Look at Textiles & Trim of Viking Age Dress 
Schaefer151When in Carthage - Phoenician/Punic DressYouth Armored Marshal 101Industrial Machine TechnologyLearn how to build an SCA Siege BallistaOpus Anglicanum
Schaefer160How to comment in OSCARHow to document a name submissionBeyond Banners and Shields: Heraldic DisplayAn Introduction to Device Heraldry in the SCA Court Heralding 101Using Social Media in the SCA
Schaefer161Care and Feeding of Your Thrown WeaponsMaking Thrown Weapons Without a ForgeRunning archery at an eventThrown Weapons Tournaments and Targets RoundtableThrown Weapons Target and Range ConstructionTeaching Thrown Weapons for the Physically ChallengedAdvanced Topics in Thrown Weapons