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University Session #105 - September 12, 2020 - Kingdom of Atlantia

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September 12, 2020

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AvilaRoses 101: Roses then and NowRoses 102: Growing Period RosesLCRoses 103: Propagating Roses (or other woody-stem shrubs) from CuttingsRoses: Open Q & APlant Foraging: introduction to edible and medicinal weedsBKatla's Adventures in Medieval Gardening.... Part IStained Glass of Chartres Cathedral
BrughesFiore's Sword in One HandRenaissance Knife Fight: Bolognese Dagger of Achille MarozzouoMeyer's Dussack 102Period helmet liners for heavy fightersGreenwich Armor and ModelbucherrMasters of Defense Round Table: CommunicationArmored Rebated Steel Discussion (Roundtable)
CarcasonneCharny asks, who gets the horse?Paternosters: A Visual History of Period PrayernnThe Life of AquinasLaw and Order in the middle ages 1300-1500Ænglisc Is Wyrd: A History of the English LanguageeActive Listening
Cinque TerreTraining Female Fighters & Training The Trainers - Atlantian Female Fighter Sociology 101Strength and Conditioning for SCA Combatcv Tournament Two-SwordAdvanced Melee Spear TacticsaFighting at night: How low light changes you, and how to fight and marshal your best in itAtlantian Battlefield Movement: Commands and Formations
Citta di San Marino15th century Ladies Winged CapThe Fourteenth-Century Veil HemhoCovering your modern hairViking Hair StylesManesse Codex Frilled Filet CapkPattern and Make your own Tarpus 
CorkScribal BasicsGems and Pearls in PaintcThrowing Shade on Your Scroll: The Techniques of ShadingPsycho Horses!: A case study of the British Library’s PsychomachiaBallads and their VariantsThrowing Shade: Adding dimension to your painting with Atlantia's Scrivener Royal
DubrovnikHer Best Bonnet and Gown: Evolution of Early Tudor Women's Dress on Church Monumentsa 12th Century Women's ClothingAcademie d'Espee Round Table: Communication Easy Early Fourteenth-Century Garb
EdinburghWhite Scarf Round Table: CommunicationNo Bias for Fabric Biast Semper Ubi Sub Ubi: Roman undergarmentsCôtehardie Sleeve Buttons Why Not Cotton
FlorenceHistory of the Venetian Carnevale Masks & A Little How-To, Too!iElizabethan 'Corsets': Shaping the 16th Century BodyCotton in the Middle AgesSurface Couching EmbroideryBraid of the Perniö Headpiece
HalstattBasic DancingDance Fitness and ConditioningoHow to behave badly according to Italian Dance MastersBransles for One (or More)Contentezza d'Amore - An elegant 16th century Italian DanceBelly Dance BasicsAsk European Dance Questions
IstanbulMonochrome Embroidery From Around the WorldIntroduction to Brick StitchnGerman Brick Stitch: Try The StitchEgyptian Nalbinding: an introduction to the findsBeginning Nalbinding: Mammen stitch
KilkennySamurai Chef: Cooking and Dining in Medieval Japan Understanding the aesthetics of formal calligraphyMedicine, Physick, and Surgery, up through the 16th CMedieval Toiletries and CosmeticsEverything red, purple and pink - a survey of historical color cosmetics for lips and cheeks
KyotoA Thing to Wear: An Overview of Japanese ClothingJapanese Bookbinding OverviewJapanese Bookbinding WorkshopIntro to Japanese clothing, history, and persona optionsArt and History of Ikebana Flower Arranging
LondonIntroduction to KnittingMany sticks make a pouchKnitting with beadsRapier rules update 2020 editionFiber matters!Introduction to Natural Dyes
MadridA bottled history of wine production in England from the Romans to the RenaissanceIntroduction to Medieval Pickling.The Millet's TaleIs chocolate period?Beginning Camp CookeryBrandubh - Irish HnefataflA Brief History of Islamic Playing Cards
Mont Saint MichelSo, you want to be a herald?Allusive Armory and CantingThe Modern Conflict Check for HeraldryA Unique Device for the Current Middle AgesHow to comment in OSCAROf Course, Your Majesty: Heralding courts when asked at the last minute.Dukes & Duchesses, Knights & Barons, and What on Earth is a Marquess?!
NurembergAnglo-Saxon Alliterative PoetryTranslating ancient texts to build performance piecesEuropean Haiku?A Poetic Study of ChineseWriting Period Style BalladsImitation as a Path to More Authentic Original Poetry/Song 
ObidosThe Nitty-Gritty Craft of SongwritingPractical Practice Techniques for SingersThe Cantigas de Santa MariaSCA UkuleleNotation for the Period Guitar, Lute and VihuelaModes and Motifs: a Medieval Songwriter's Toolkit
PragueCombat Archery marshal class.Field Marshal 201Rapier Marshal 101 (new rules edition)MOL 101MOL 102: Tournaments
RhodesExchequer 101Exchequer 201 - The ReportRoman Mosaics: the RulesSmall Pointy Things- Beginning Wire WorkingIntro to 2 on 2 chain construction
RomeManipulating the Middle Ages: Racism, Nationalism, Ethnocentrism, . and the SocietyOvercoming Unconscious Bias in the SCADisability Information for AnyoneMaking Your SCA Function More Accessibility FriendlyHow to include those with disabilities and offer assistanceRise of the RoxStars: A Case Study in Participation & Retention
RothenbergWho Were the Scythians: RoundtableLiving with the Dead: An Introduction to Death in the AndesIron Age Orkney: Building a Regional Specific Celtic PersonaNorse Discovery Sagas  
SalzburgMedieval-inspired gear for backcountry camping The Art of Nasty(crat)Our Journeys to Becoming LaurelsSCA GeographyHome Cheesemaking - all the STUFFMoAS Tips and Tricks in the Time of COVID-19
San GimignanoGetting Good At Things (part 1)Getting Good At Things (part 2)Period Bead EmbroideryLust Is Death: Sex & Gender in Pre-Conquest Aztec CultureRebel Women of the Middle AgesQueens in Anglo-Saxon England 
Siena  Women’s Iberian ClothingHow to Open Up a Can of Worms Without Making Too Much of a Mess: Starting an SCA Research ProjectRunes with a Linguist!Beginning Storytelling
TallinnModern Alchemy 201: Saponification Fun With Flags - The Medieval Experience  2 Needle Ladder Style Jewelry 
Venice Children and Youth Activities in the SCA 14th Century French Females Who Didn't Give an F How to Make an Italian "Hair Hat"
YorkZoom for BeginnersGoogle Meet for Beginners How to Create A Class from Stuff That You KnowHow To Organize an Online Collegium/Symposium/Shindig (small university event).Consulting for your Online Projects – Beginner LevelConsulting for your Online Projects – Advanced Level