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University Session #106 - February 13, 2021 - Kingdom of Atlantia

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February 13, 2021

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4H ClubMedieval Kitchen GardensBeginners guide for growing a medieval kitchen garden.LCRoses 101: Roses then and NowSmoke 'em if you got emRoses 102: Growing Period RosesBKeeping the Harvest - Medieval Food Preservation TechniquesHow to Plant a Rose Bush without Getting Bitten
AnthropologyThe Anatomy of a Cranach Princess DressMaking a Cranach GoldhaubeuoCouching pearls for fancy embroideryWomen's Cranach Hat Options ExplainedrFingerloop braiding 
ArtI want to try scribing! Now what?Introduction to llluminationnnBeginner Scribal Class e Portrait Photography in the SCA
AuditoriumIntro to Renaissance Dance in Covid timesIntermediate 16th Century Italian DancecvDancing without a dance floor or partnerDancing with Vocabulary: A review of the words we mumble throughOrnaments in Arbeau's Dance ManualaItalian Cascarde - Alta Regina 
BandCreating theater in a bardic space hoThe Nitty-Gritty Craft of Songwriting kMerriment and Melancholy: Thomas Campion, John Dowland, and the Humours in the English Ayre 
BiologyBog Bodies: Braille for the Creeping InfluencesAncient Roman Funeral RitescEverybody DiesRebel Women of the Middle AgesWitches in the Palace-with apologies to Jimmy BuffetWomen Without A Man: Widowhood in Pre-17th Century SpainExamining the Animal-Style Tattoos of the Scythian/Pazyryk Mummies
CafeteriaScappi: a primer on a 16th century cookbookCare and feeding of vegetarians at feastaJunk Foods: Archeological Dumpster DivingA Roman Soldier's DietRedacting Recipes from Primary SourcesBarrels and Barrel AgingArchaeology of the Roman Diet
Cafeteria 2History of Beer (Ale)Is chocolate period?tIntroduction to Medieval Pickling.La Mesa Sabrosa- A Meal from NolaPie Dollies and Coffyn Crusts 
Chancellor's OfficeVirtual Experiences 101: Social Media and YouVirtual Experiences 102: Quality StreamingiArmored Marshal 101MOL 101MOL 102: Tournaments
Computer LabCourting Technology - to improve the online SCA experienceoCreate an online event/collegium/shindig Officially or Unofficially  Training for Teaching Assistants (TAs) for University of Atlantia 
Dean's OfficeNon-Calligraphic Hands For ScrollsBound Together: Bookbinding Around the WorldnDrill and Kill in CalligraphyIn Black and White: Characteristics of Medieval Royal ChartersMy Calligraphy Doesn't Match The Illumination, Help!Cadel Letters and Their Fanciful Flourishes
Drama Straight from the Horse's Mouth: All About Commedia dell'Arte CharactersXXX Commedia - Not Your Mothers Commedia ClassCommedia CostumingMaking Scala's Commedia Scenarios Playable to Modern SensibilitiesHistory of Commedia dell' Arte Through The CharactersWriting Commedia dell'Arte Scenarios
Drawing Studio Using Digital Design Tools in Google Docs Visualize Scroll Layout.Black Hours - A Modern Hands OnIlluminations with white work (what I've learned)Scribe Like a Graphic Designer 
Foreign LanguageFabris: Complete Theory part 1Fabris: Complete Theory part 2Fabris: Complete Theory part 3Fabris: Complete Theory part 4Fabris: Complete Theory part 5Fabris: Complete Theory part 6 
GeographyIt's A New World After All: The Process of Developing A Central American PersonaVirtual Visit: The Israel Museum, JerusalemDragon's brain, dragon's spittle - the exquisite fragrances of China's Song DynastyGlobal Period History: African Empires in Medieval TimesGlobal Period History for kids: African Empires in Medieval TimesEvolution of firearms, from 13th through 16th Centuries
Guidance OfficeCoaching and the Art of Constructive CriticismThe Basics of Research - One PerspectiveBehind the Judging Curtain in A&S The Origin and Evolution of the Chivalric Ideal: Chivalric Virtue and the "Code of Chivalry"
GymnasiumHalf the Heroes: the Impact of Sex & Gender on SCAdian Martial ArtsLeaders and LeadershipTeaching the Teachers: 2 Levels of Constraining the BladeNavigating Feedback in RapierLearning how to learn for a fighter.Healthy Habits for Efficient and Effective Skill Acquisition
Health  SCA Orientation for NewcomersMedicine, Physick, and Surgery, up through the 16th CTooth Worms and Foul Humors 
HistoryThe History of Clan Blue FeatherScandinavian Folklore - From Semi-Gods to the Devils HenchmanRecasting Heroines: An Introduction to Ovid's HeroidesThe Life of Peter Abelard -- Sex, Violence, Philosophy!Typecasting in the Canterbury TalesTips and tricks on being landed baronageRunning archery at an SCA event
Home EconomicsPainting on FabricFoundations of Hand SewingPeriod Bead JewelryHistory and development of Needle Lace in the 16th centuryPeriod Bead Embroidery-updateThree Kingdoms Period Korean Clothing and AccessoriesDesign Considerations in Doublet Making
Home Economics 2  Guilds in PeriodModern Alchemy 101: Dye & MordantsCreating a Feasting set without breaking the bankMedieval Goldwork Embroidery as seen in Opus Anglicanum
Home Room Dukes & Duchesses, Knights & Barons, and What on Earth is a Marquess?!Road Signs, Badges, & Team Colors: Essential Heraldry for Newcomers.Your First SCA WarSurviving Court with your head attached (and other general points of etiquette)The Dolphin's Pearly Tooth: What are all these awards?Dance Show
Language ArtsYde and Olive: A Romance of Transgression FabliauxEuropean Haiku?Writing Poetry That MattersAn Overview of Norse PoetryClassical Elegy: The Invention of Personal Poetry
LibraryBead Embroidery CoifThe French Hood: Origin, History, and Construction TheoriesViking Hair Styles Spanish Women's Headwear
MathExchequer 101Chatelain 101   
Metal ShopSpirals and Fire, Beginning Wire and Torch WorkSmall Pointy Things- Beginning Wire Working   All That Bling: Overview of Roman Jewelry 
MusicIntro to Bardic 101Bardic 102: Upping your gameSCA UkuleleSinging Gregorian Chant from NeumesNo Fit Instrument- The Bagpipe Pre-1600How NOT to play your recorder
OrchestraTake Note: A Historical Survey of Western Music NotationSanshin: The heart of Ryukyuan musicModern Music NotationTablature and Alfabeto: The Notation of the Period Guitar, Lute and VihuelaModal Rhythm and Notation of Early PolyphonyMensural Notation
PhysEdBells & Whistles: Alternatives to DrillsInjury Prevention and SCA Combat LongevityInjury Prevention and SCA Combat Longevity: Building StrengthRapier Marshal 101 (new rules edition)Field Marshal 201 
Secretary's Office Retaining for RoyalsEffectively Promoting your Event / Group   Using Science, Making Art: Organizing A&S in the Pandemic and Beyond
Social StudiesCreating Custom Scroll Texts and Court CeremoniesBehind the scenes at are Those Folks Flapping Their Hands in the Front of Court?Continental HeraldryRunning Heralds Point at a WarMajor events of the late middle Ages
Spirit Club Beyond the Blog--New Ways to Publish Your WorkViking Age ArrowsDefining Your Personal SCA JourneyOvercoming Unconscious Bias in the SCAUnderstanding Autism Spectrum Disorder in the SCAAs The Wheel Turns: Imported Pottery in Britain and Scandinavia
Study HallHow to Create A Class from Stuff That You Know     
Theater Mysteries, Miracles & Morality: An Introduction to Medieval TheatreTrippingly on the Tongue: Modern Theatrical Vocal Techniques for the Creative AnachronistSpeak the Speech: Analyzing Shakespearean Text for PerformanceInterpreting Dramatic TextAncient Theater History
Training RoomHMA A&S: What is it and how can I do it?Fiore's Sword in Armor - Halfswording for fun and profitVienna Anonymous: Using it to take your Italian Rapier to the next levelHanging with Fabris: hip-hinge mechanics (aka that funny Fabris lean)Intro to AgrippaMeyer's Dussack 101Deeds of Arms: Armored Competitions Beyond Tourney and Melee
WoodshopBasic LeatherworkPeriod fire making  Medieval Hunting 101Intro to Early Medieval Leather ToolingPlant Foraging: introduction to edible and medicinal weeds