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University Session #107 - June 12, 2021 - Kingdom of Atlantia

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Al-FarabiMaking Iris Green ClothletsLet’s Get Faded: Natural Dyes and SunlightLC Chemistry and Alchemy: Color Changes in Medieval PigmentsModern Alchemy 102: Meet the Dye MoleculesBThe Science of Indigo DyeTurning Lead into Gold: An Introduction to Alchemical Philosophy
ArchimedesHistory and Science of SkirretSpinach - History and modern equivalancesuo Science Lab: Baking Bread rBottle Gourd - history and growing your ownChemist- Cheese
AristotleEasy Fresh Cheese MakingCave Garum: An Introduction to Roman CuisinennBaking Roman BreadHow to TeachThe Origin of the Autumn Damask RoseeRoses 102: Growing Period Roses 
Cleopatra the AlchemistAn Overview of Hundepanzer: How to Protect your Favourite Dogs from Wild Boars cvInkscape for Heralds aA Poetic Study of ChineseViking Longhouses: A look into an average Viking home
CopernicusQuadrants & AstrolabesSol & Lunaho The Science of SingingPumps and HoistskDance and the CosmosPythagorean intonation - the math behind the music
DiophantusDesigning a Floor ClothHeadbands, all the stylish Gothic books are wearing them (not just the 80's kids)cSurface Couching EmbroideryQuick, Cheap, & Easy RomanMaking a Caparison for your Horse (Mule, Pony, etc.)Samurai Chef: Cooking and Dining in Medieval Japan
EratosthenesReserved, Restricted, and Conventional: Rules of HeraldryHeraldry 101aThe Newcomer's Roundtable: From a Newcomer's PerspectiveBeyond Banners and Shields: an Introduction to Heraldic Display Armory Rules under SENAHow To Construct a Period Personal Name
EuclidMaking an Ethical Practice 1: Student RightsMaking an Ethical Practice 2: TeachingtMaking an Ethical Practice 3: The Necessity of Ethical Behavior Fiore at long range: Largo Two Handed Sword plays Training Female Fighters & Training The Trainers - Atlantian Female Fighter Sociology 101
GalenTaoist and Buddhist Healing in Premodern JapanPoisons and how to avoid them from antiquity to the late middle agesi Improving Mobility - Walking aids and prostheses in the Middle Ages A Brief History of Chinese Medicine - VERY brief 
HippocratesÉmail de Plique: How To Make Cloisonné Enamel JewelsoSmall Pointy Things- Beginning Wire Working"White in the Fracture" - Purifying silver for coins and jewelry Spirals and Fire, Beginning Wire and Torch Work 
HypatiaEuropean Musical Instruments of the SCA PeriodIntro to Renaissance Dance in Covid timesnNon-European Stringed Instruments of the SCA PeriodXXX Commedia - Not Your Mothers Commedia ClassEasy 15th Century Italian DancesIntroduction to SCA-rs SCA Reservation System- Event Module
Ibn SinaArts and Sciences/Martial RoundtableMaintaining the DreamWriting a More Effective Award RecommendationPlaster Molds for GlassThe Pennsic Survival GuideSupporting the Arts & Sciences: MoAS DiscussionDukes & Duchesses, Knights & Barons, and What on Earth is a Marquess?!
PlatoExchequer 101- " So you want to be an Exchequer"Web Minister 101Courting Technology Part 1 - How to Create Virtual Courts Chatelain 101
Pliny the ElderFoundations of PerformingVirtual Visit: The Uffizi GalleryViking Age ArrowsThe Mosque-Cathedral of CordobaThe English War ArrowAn Introduction to Byzantine Bookbinding Techniques
PtolemyPottery Though the Ages (Live interaction)Climbing the A&S LadderApotropaic magic- Witch Marks through the agesTile PaintingMedieval Enameling SurveyPart 1: Roman Jewelry: An IntroductionPart 2: Roman Jewelry (Intermediate)
PythagorasAn Overview of Medieval MathematicsHere's Looking At Euclid: Geometry Pre-1600   New World, New Climate? Climate and Weather in 16th Century La FloridaScientific Works by Women in Medieval Abbeys
Rufaida Al-Aslamia Viking-Era Glass How to plan your own Fleece to Frock project  A&S Competitions - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
SocratesWho's that in the hat?A Practical Guide to Attending Your First (In-Person) EventPersona DevelopmentMartial Activities 101Scouting Out the BeadThe History of Clan Blue FeatherHand Stitching Your Garb for Beginners
SoranusGoogle Apps for the SCA Video Documenting for A&S: Class and Panel DiscussionSpiffing up your Online Presentations on the CheapThe care and feeding of photographers: How to get the best pictures of your eventCreate an online event/collegium/shindig Officially or Unofficially 
StraboMOL 101Inclusiveness for thrown weapons, Physical adaptationsSign Language for Fighting Activities MOL 102: Tournaments
Thales of MiletusI want to try scribing! Now what?I Just Got My First Scroll Assignment, Now What?!?Old English Build-A-Poem WorkshopReading Insular MinusculeBeyond Kells Intro to Old English Poetry
TrotaAnatomy and Physiology of Medieval GynecologyTaoist Medicinal Roots of the Japanese Tea CeremonyDevices and Badges: What are they?Historical Perspectives on Childbirth Positions and Childbirth AssistanceSo You Have Enemies: Poisoning in PeriodThe Ladies of Salerno 
VesaliusMagic and Workers of Magic in Ancient RomeBentwood boxsPeriod fire makingTraitor, Temptress, Mother: Interpretations of Dona Marina and the Fall of the Aztec EmpireHistorical Origins of Modern Legal TermsEconomy and Coinage During the Crisis of the Third Century