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University Session #109-2/5 - February 5, 2022 to February 6, 2022 - Kingdom of Atlantia

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February 5, 2022

Room02/05 10:00 AM02/05 11:00 AM02/05 12:00 PM02/05 12:30 PM02/05 1:00 PM02/05 2:00 PM02/05 3:00 PM02/05 3:30 PM02/05 4:30 PM
ArmoryMOL 101LCMOL 102: Running TournamentsBMarshals and MOLsField Marshal 201
Boudoir The Ryukyu Kingdom: History and Influence of the “Land of Courtesy”uoBeneath the Veil - tips and tricks for making headwear stick!rTang Textile Treatments: Resist Dyeing Techniques used in Tang Dynasty ChinaDrafting a Kirtle Skirt from Alcega's Pattern Book
BreweryBrew your own TheriacThe Chemistry of Fermentation and BrewingnnDuh! What's a Mead?Apothecary: Wine as MedicineeBrewing with Gruit HerbsMagellan's world cruise - Drinks around the world 1519-1522
ButtsCombat Archery Marshal 101Introduction to Combat ArcherycvEvolution of firearms, from 13th through 16th CenturiesMinister of Arts and Sciences 101aOh, to be a Warranted Chronicler in AtlantiaDoth al things a spydere kan - Webminister 101
Chapter HouseSCA-rs for Event Stewards/SeneschalsSCA-rs for ReservationistshoI want to plan an event. Now what?kEvent Planning with Project ManagementThoughts on Taking Your First Associate Roundtable
ChoirCan you read music? Thank Guido d’ArezzoCustom Scroll Text: A Process for Bardic and Scribal CollaborationcThe 13th Century MotetPractical ap Huw: Welsh Harp MusicSinging Gregorian Chant from Neumes
CottagesViking Longhouses: A look into an average Viking homeIntroduction to Early-Period Stamped PotteryaDress in the Nordic Bronze AgeThe Sexiest Sheet You'll Ever Wear - Late Roman female clothing on a budgetScandinavian Iron Age clothing
Dorter Introduction to Cheese makingtVirtual Visit: Museo Nacional de AntropologiaThe English Language is a Mess. What happened?Old Norse Poetry: Fornyrðislag and the 'hattrsYr Hengerdd/Early Medieval Welsh Poetry
GardensGrowing Medieval VegetablesEnglish Royal Forests from Rome to the ReformationiHistory of Rabbit Husbandry in BritainEconomics of the FarmWinter Tree IdentificationPoisons Found Along the Silk Road
Gate HouseMongol Persona DevelopmentMongol CostumingoYet Forget Not, That I Am an Ass: Ethical ResearchMongol GourmetWomen's Rights in Anglo-Saxon EnglandFemale Legal Identity in Medieval Spain
Great CabinetAutocratting a Diverse EventDEI 101: Definitions and ConceptsnDisability Information for everyoneMaking SCA activities more accessibleConflict Resolution for SCA RelationshipsHosting a Kingdom Event
Great HallSunrise DanceA Bounty of Bransles - An Intro to 16th Century French DanceEasy 15th Century Italian DancesHistory of Pancake DayStorytelling through DanceFragrances in early Japan
Guest HouseDukes & Duchesses, Knights & Barons, and What on Earth is a Marquess?!Newcomer 101Persona Development Being a SCAdian on a budgetThe Newcomer's Roundtable: From a Newcomer's Perspective
InfirmaryAnatomy and Physiology of Medieval GynecologyPoisons and how to avoid them from Antiquity to the RenaissanceTea – another look at the bitter herbMedicine, Physick, and Surgery, up through the 16th C
LibraryWomen WarriorsJ is for Judging JustlyD is for Dreaded DocumentationA Guided Tour of Iron Age OrkneyApotropaic magic- Witch Marks through the agesDynamic Displays for Digital Denizens
Little CabinetRaising the Dead for fun and Prophet : Fifteenth Century German Necromancy Bead Embroidery Coif  
Little ChamberStamped Fabric in the Fourteenth Century Europe14th Century Looped BraidThe History of Japanese EmbroideryThe Devil's Clergy : Demonology and Sorcery in Medieval IberiaStumpwork Embroidery: Raised Figural Work through the AgesTo bead a lovely Seahorse - Spike
Place of ArmsMarco Docciolini’s Treatise on the Subject of FencingGerman time for Italian fencersNavigating Feedback in RapierIntroduction to the Tower ManualIntroduction to Meyer's dusack
ScriptoriumKeeping it Real - Squashed Bug and Shading - Part OneMaking the ground for silver point drawing like the old masters did.Chasing Down ExemplarsElements of ByzantiumTracing is Period: A Discussion of Techniques for Reproducing Art in Medieval Europe
SolarHerald 101Heka: An Introduction to Egyptian MagicEffective OSCAR CommentaryIntroduction to Name ConflictClitheroe 1138. Lancashire's forgotten battle 
Stables   Equestrians in the SCA -- Participating and Planning  
Training YardArts and Sciences/Martial Roundtable3 Atlantian Ciphers: A Sampling of Unique Ciphers Developed Using Period TechniquesItalian Longsword for SCA CombatYouth and Minor MOLingDefeating Taller OpponentsThe Varangian Guard
WardrobeRunning Children's ActivitiesSCA Life with LittlesSo you want to be an Exchequer? Exchequer 101Healthy Boundaries and Self Care for Volunteers 
Warming RoomLetting Down Her Hair: Women in Fairytale and FolkloreNever Apologize, Never Explain: An Introduction to StorytellingCreating theater in a bardic spaceMartial Activities 101Pennsic 101

February 6, 2022

Room02/06 1:00 PM02/06 2:00 PM02/06 3:00 PM02/06 3:30 PM02/06 4:30 PM
Armory  k  
BoudoirScouting Out the Bead-History and TechniquerSpanish Women's Undergarments: An Experimental ReconstructionMorning is wiser than evening: Russian Folklore and Fairytale
Brewery  r  
Butts  e  
Chapter HouseChatelain 101kManipulating the Middle Ages: Racism, Nationalism, Ethnocentrism, and the Society
Choir  k  
CottagesBoats of the Norse TraditionBuilding a Færing (four-oared boat) of the Norse TraditionFire and Wire- crafting iron age brass fibula
GardensFun in the woods with friends- how to start a Saunter/local Forestry Guild GroupRoses 102a: Finding and Growing Period RosesHow to Press Roses (or other flowers) and Mount Them in a FramePerform Like You Mean It!
Gate House  How to Find (Free or Low Cost) ResourcesMerchanting in the SCA
Great CabinetRiffle through time: a look at the history of playing cardsA Modern Technique for Informing a Period AestheticArabic 101: Pronunciation and Speech 
Great HallClothing's impact on dance movements Dancers Working With Live MusiciansBrass Rubbing: Without the Brass or the Rubbing
Guest House    
LarderFood and Feasting in Renaissance FranceFood and Feasting in Renaissance ItalyRituals of Power: Feasting in Early Ireland 
Little Cabinet    
Little Chamber    
Place of Arms    
Solar"Anglo-Saxon" Melting PotBaldrics and Tabards and Cloaks, Oh My!I want to try scribing! Now what?Making Court Come Alive for Your Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing Members
Training YardMelee Mayhem: How to be an effective harrier unitMOLing for Large Events and Wars  
WardrobeOMG I need an outfit for an event!? Or how a twin sheet or three yards of fabric can be a tunic/gown  
Warming Room