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University Session #77 - June 12, 2010 - Barony of Tir-y-Don

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1Elizabethan House: Introduction to Persona UseElizabethan House: Clothing for men and womenLCElizabethan House: FurnishingsElizabethan House: Show and Tell Open Q&A sessionElizabethan House: Food and TablewareElizabethan House: Pastimes and Games
10Rapier Marshal 101A Cut & Thrust Rapier Practicum (C&T Marshal 101)uoA Spectator's Guide to Atlantian RapierCordial Making for BeginnersBasic Brewing DocumentationBrewing Competitions for Beginners
11Eleanor of Toledo Stockings--Pattern and ConstructionnnClewe Keepers MeetingIntroduction to SocksThe Knitted TrunkhosePlanning Pouches--Reliquary style
12Beginning KnittingcvBrass NeedlesThe Spanish JacketFrau head to toe: 16th c Southern German Women's clothing. Part 1Frau head to toe: 16th c Southern German Women's clothing. Part 2
2Survey of the University System in Medieval EuropeIntroduction to Natural Philosophy in the Middle AgeshoHow to be an Effective Chatelaine 101How to be an Effective Chatelaine 102Chatelaines for SeneschalsGrowing the SCA
3Getting started as a Scribe in AtlantiaStep by Step Making of a ScrollcBeginning CalligraphyBeginning IlluminationCeltic KnotworkIntroduction to Italian White Vine Illumination and Calligraphy
4Tips, tricks and toddlersSurviving as the Campmaster of an Outdoor Event.aEnameling: Decorating Metal with GlassThe Many Moods of Food Plans/there is more than one way to feed a Kat!Starting your own Pennsic Camp
5And Then There Were None...Heraldry for the Non-HeraldtChoosing a Registerable SCA NameAtlantian Order of Precedence (Awards and Titles and Ranks, Oh My!)Period Style Arrow Construction for target use or displayPeriod Style Arrow Construction Worksop
6So You’d Like to Herald CourtHey, Can You Announce Something For Me?iStarting a Herald's Office from ScratchTo be rather than to seem (or It is your own fault you are not a peer)Elements of Italian Heraldic ArmsBuilding Your Heraldic Library
7How to be a Harpy - Introduction to Folk HarpGhost Stories for the SCA Bardic AudienceoWith the Voices of Angels; An Overview of Gregorian ChantVoice Projection Isn’t Just for Heralds...Creating a magical stage presence
8Basic Viking Wire WeavingPilgrims BagsnPersian GardensThe Compleat AnachronistPrayer Beads: a hands on history
9Crusades in the Holy Lands entitled Outre Mer: Part 1Crusades in the Holy Lands entitled Outre Mer: Part 2A brief look at the 100 year War (1337-1453)FortificationsExchequer FormsThrown Weapons Marshal
ChoirAtlantian Choir    
Consult T.Heraldic Consult Table PracticumHeraldic Consult Table Practicum    
gymDances that don't require CouplesBeginner English Country DanceMid-Level English Country DanceDances from the Inns of CourtA Beginners Guide to 15th Century Italian Dance15th Century Italian Dance-
morning1MOL 101MoAS 101 - How to foster the arts & sciences in your group.    
morning2Target Archery Marshal    
outisdeHMAIntroduction to Liechtenauer's Unarmored LongswordCut and Thrust swordplay in the Bolognese traditionIntroduction to Structure of the Duel in Early Modern EnglandOpen HMA Session
outisdeMAR  Episodic Storytelling (Storytelling 102)Commedia dell’ Arte: Intro  
outsidePA  Historical cooking over an open fire  
outsideTYDBeginning Glass BeadsSeneschal 101How to be a Royal Liaison or What to do when Royalty comes to dinner!Advanced Glass BeadsOpen torch time