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Tri Kingdom University Tournament

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(A Virtual Activity for SCAdians)

Hosted by the Universities of Midrealm, Meridies, and Atlantia, a month long virtual tournament will see who can inspire the most online classes!

How do we compete in this tournament? Teachers produce online classes and earn points for their kingdom of choice!
Dates: June 12 – July 18 (Atlantia University session on June 12; Midrealm University session June 19; Meridies University session on July 17)
Audience: Whole World, SCA and non
Topic Scope: Life on Earth before 1600 CE

  1. Points:
    1. One point per teaching hour
    2. Teachers assign points to whichever University they want to support
      1. Teachers will use a Google form, provided by the Tournament, to report their classes taught, how many hours, and which kingdom gets the points.
    3. If a teacher generates multiple points, they can assign some points to one University, some points to another, and some points to another.
    4. Points are generated between June 12-July 18, 2021. As of Midnight, US Eastern Time on July 18, whichever University has the most points collected will be determined to be the winner of the tournament!
    5. Participants are encouraged to advertise their own classes, however they wish, to generate attendance. Non-Teachers can encourage attendance at any class for this tournament.
    6. Classes can be taught anywhere, any time, under any circumstances as long as the class is open to public sign up on the internet.
      1. Conditions:
        1. Class must be available for anyone on the internet to take.
        2. Topics must fit within the scope of SCA topics of study.
          1. If judgement is needed, the three Chancellors of each university will pass judgement if a class is within scope or not for the purposes of this tournament.
          2. All participants must adhere to the SCA Inc. Bullying Policy.
        3. Classes can be live or pre-recorded. Live classes must take attendance to track number of students. Pre-recorded classes can take attendance by reporting number of “views” generated between June 12 at 00:01 and July 18th at 23:59 hours. The Teacher is honor bound to report that number accurately.
    7. Teachers self-identify which kingdom they are contributing to PER CLASS. They can teach a class once for one kingdom and teach a second time for another kingdom.
    8. Teachers submit their class for points *after* it has been taught to a Google form. This form will include a selection for which kingdom the teacher’s class point is designated for.
    9. One point per class hour taught. Multiple hour long classes count for however many hours teaching happened. Classes with multiple co-teachers still count as one point per class hour taught.
    10. The kingdom sponsored events, Atlantia University session on June 12th, Midrealm and Meridies University events, are opportunities for each kingdom to support their own efforts, but teachers still pick which kingdom they are contributing towards.
    11. Teaching outside the kingdom sponsored events is ENCOURAGED.
  2. Reporting Form - Teachers self-report the classes they have taught, including how many students, and which Kingdom they want the class’s points assigned to.
Bonus points for:
  • Large number of students in one live class: more than 10 = one bonus point for every 10 students
    • Honor system used for reporting numbers.
    • Does not apply to pre-recorded classes.
  • Getting a screenshot of your choice of class moment and posting it with a hashtag = one bonus point #TriKUT
  • Hat Trick bonus: for a teacher who teaches more than 3 class hours = one bonus point for every additional class hour taught over 3.
  1. Staff/contacts
    1. Tournament Manager of Mischief - Baroness Sophia the Orange
      onlinelearning AT
    2. Tournament Manager of Social Media - Baroness Katarina Peregrine
      katperegrin AT
    3. University Chancellors
      1. Midrealm - THL Oswyn of Baðon - rum AT
      2. Mereidies - Magnifica Caterina Angelica Galelei - caterina.angelica AT
      3. Atlantia - Dame Adriana la Bretonne - university AT
  2. Links
    1. Tournament Facebook Group:
    2. Tournament Facebook Event:
    3. University Facebook pages
      1. Midrealm
      2. Meridies
      3. Atlantia
    4. University websites:
      1. Midrealm
      2. Meridies
      3. Atlantia
  3. FAQs:
    1. Teachers can charge fees for classes as they see fit.
    2. Questions about if a class is in SCA scope or not will be fielded by the Mischief Manager and judgement will be passed by the Three Kingdom Chancellors.
    3. Classes must be taught online. Classes can be hybrid with both in-person attendees and virtual attendees as long as both in-person and virtual attendees get equal learning experiences.
    4. Pre-recorded classes may be submitted. The number of students should be interpreted as the number of “views” generated between June 12 at 00:01 and July 18th at 23:59 hours. The Teacher is honor bound to report that number accurately.
    5. Pre-recorded class points can only be assigned to one kingdom. In order for a pre-recorded class to generate points for another kingdom, that class must be taught at a live session separately
    6. Any further questions can be answered by the Tournament’s Manager of Mischief, Baroness Sophia the Orange via onlinelearning AT