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Next Session: #93
Kingdom of Atlantia
June 11, 2016

Full Classes:
112 - Pysanky
124 - Forging Tent Stakes
127 - Experimental Butchering of a PIG (or two)
302 - A fitted kirtle aka petticoat bodies
306 - Beginning Basketry - Woven Melon basket
324 - Tong Making
326 - Medieval Bookbinding - Workshop & History
327 - Sausage Making
503 - Tablet Weaving
508 - 16th Century Ottoman Clothing
604 - Introduction to Colorwork Knitting
628 - Standing Pies




Event Flyer:
University #93


The University of Atlantia is dedicated to the advancement of teaching in the Kingdom of Atlantia, SCA, Inc.

There are two to three University sessions each year. If you are interested in hosting a University, please refer to our bid guidelines.


5/11/2016 The Summer University catalog for Session 93 being held in Boonsville, NC thanks to House Corvus, will be online for pre registration May 12, 2016.

The last day to register for classes online is June 9, 2016, or you can always register in person the day of classes. If you are having trouble registering online, but wish to take any limited attendance classes, email the Registrar with your wish list.

Thank you to all the instructors, the autocrat, and their staff that have worked to make this session possible.

This is an outdoor University session and classrooms will be held in pavilions or onsite facilities. This is also a camping event with a pot luck dinner and Hafla Saturday night. Camping fee is $5.

While University of Atlantia is a free event to attend, it is not a free event to put on. Please consider packing a $5 donation per adult who plans to take classes to help defray the costs.

University wouldn't exist without you!!! Thank you for supporting these excellent learning opportunities.

In service,
Lady Lisette la Roux
University Chancellor


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