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Next Session: #97
Barony of Caer Mear
September 16, 2017

Full Classes:
101 - Woodworking Hands-On
106 - Long Stitch Leather Journal
114 - Measuring for Great Fit
201 - Woodworking Hands-On
229 - Practical Period Bread Making
301 - Woodworking Hands-On
304 - Medieval pinwheels
305 - Advance Viking Wire Weaving
309 - Black Scrolls - An Introduction
401 - Woodworking Hands-On
405 - Anglo-Saxon Ring Pouch
501 - Woodworking Hands-On

101 - Woodworking Hands-On
201 - Woodworking Hands-On
234 - Needlelace lab
401 - Woodworking Hands-On
423 - Dance Band open practice 2nd hour option
501 - Woodworking Hands-On
509 - This Scroll's for YOU - Personalizing
520A - Retainer 101
522A - Acanthus Leaves 101
531 - Rapier Infighting, or, Don't Stand So Close to Me
601 - Woodworking Hands-On


129 - Sanitation 101
233 - Thrown weapons
302 - Baking to Scale - Making Manchet
328 - Breaking the Color Code
330 - DiGrassi, Single Rapier
504 - Resources for the Irish persona in the Viking Age
520 - Middle Eastern Facial Tattoos
522 - Planning a Feast
527 - Old Norse-Icelandic Culture as it Affected Poetry
528 - Pysanky
530 - Giacomo DiGrassi Rapier and Dagger style
621 - Persona Workshop
627 - Old Norse-Icelandic poetic language and forms

Event Flyer:
University #97


The University of Atlantia is dedicated to the advancement of teaching in the Kingdom of Atlantia, SCA, Inc.

There are two to three University sessions each year. If you are interested in hosting a University, please refer to our bid guidelines.


9/8/2017 Attention New Users!

We are having problems with the CAPTCHA on HTTP for creating new accounts on the University site. Our Webminister is working on it.

Please create your new AEL account via the polling web site that we know works:

This site will create accounts in the same system. Then please return here to the University site to login with the new account.

This is for new accounts only for now. If you are frustrated, just send an email to with your list of preferred classes and I'll get you registered from my end.

We apologize profusely for the inconvenience,
Genevieve d'Aquitaine
University Registrar
9/18/2017 Now that I have been able to gather my thoughts, I wanted to say what a wonderful University session 97 turned out to be. Thank you to the Autocrat Fjorleif and the site coordinator, Brocccan for getting us this great site and to all of the Barony of Caer Mear for their support for Troll, lunch, and general set up and break down. Caer Mear has a great support system and the teamwork was greatly appreciated. Despite some classroom changes, we accommodated all instructors and students and I believe the overall day was a huge success. We had almost 290 participants check in at Troll and I was impressed to have about 250 pre-registrations for classes.

Thank you to Mistress Genevieve for all her hard work as University registrar and Baroness Andrea for running around with me all day to make sure the classes ran smoothly. Thank you to everyone who sat at Registration (Dame Hrothny, Baron Gabrell, Mistress Elisabeth) and a special thanks to Mistress Elisabeth for continually making sure you have your degrees printed out and ready to go.

A special thank you to all the instructors who provided such interesting class topics, including the instructors who stepped in last minute to fill some gaps and make sure classes were able to happen despite some unfortunate cancellations ( Baroness Andrea, Mistress Isboel, Dame Dealla, and Master Kryss). I apologize to anyone I may have missed.

This was my final University session serving as Chancellor and I couldn’t be more happy about and proud of our Kingdom’s University system. We have an amazing team who continues to strive to make sure the Arts and Sciences, whatever they may be, grow in their strength and passion. I sincerely appreciate all the hard work and support that the University team and the instructors throughout the Kingdom have provided for my 13 sessions. The KMOAS is currently accepting applications for the position.

The next University session with be hosted by the Barony of Ravens Cove on February 3, 2018. Request for class proposals will be going out in the beginning of November.

Again, thank you to everyone who worked to make this session a success.

Yours in service and appreciation,
Mistress Lisette la Roux
Outgoing University Chancellor


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