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University Bids

Thank you for your interest in hosting an upcoming University session.

Please consult the following guidelines when preparing a bid to host University:

  1. University may be held the first Saturday in February, the second Saturday in June, and the third Saturday in September.
  2. Bids to host University will be submitted to the Kingdom Event Bid Deputy and the University Chancellor. Bid forms are available from the Kingdom Seneschal's web page. Consult the Kingdom Events Bid Deputy for deadlines.
  3. University sessions will be held in all parts of the Kingdom so that the entire populace has an opportunity to attend.
  4. University will solicit donations at each session to cover site, printing and other administrative costs. This is distinct from any fees, fundraisers or other activities the host group may use to recoup their costs.
  5. University site fees will be reimbursed to the local group (or directly to the site) up to a maximum set by the Chancellor. This amount will be dependent upon funds available.
  6. University will organize all classes and will provide and coordinate all registration staff and instructors. The host group is responsible for all other personnel, such as Troll and set-up and clean-up staff.
  7. Host group submits the event registration and flyer to the Kingdom Event Calendar through SPIKE. The class catalog is published online and is provided by the Chancellor.
  8. Host groups need to provide the following:
    1. 15+ rooms with adult sized desks or tables and chairs (Fewer rooms can be negotiated depending on location.)
    2. Common gathering place with space for Registrar and hosting group's check-in tables. This can be in wide halls or entry areas but must include tables and chairs for use by registration staff.
    3. Check-in with SCA waivers for non-members.
    4. Large hall for Convocation and Court (if common gathering space is not suited for these activities.)
    5. Site maps to post about the site, distribute at registration, or directional signs.
    6. Specialized class requirements are frequently needed. Bids that provide for the following will be treated more favorably than those that do not.
      1. Outside or gymnasium space for martial classes (heavy, rapier). If martial activities are scheduled, the host group must provide an MoL at Troll to check fighter cards, and a marshal for each class. Other outside space for archery or siege weapons.
      2. Large open room for dance classes.
      3. "Messy" arts space for use by artisans such as bead makers (who use MAPP gas torches), casters (who heat metal), scribes (running water and sinks), cooks (ovens and/or stoves), etc.
  9. Optional items that host groups might provide:
    1. Simple lunch for sale, possibly as a fundraiser.
    2. A "royal room" for the Crown's use, if attending.
    3. Display space with tables and space for merchants.
    4. As a courtesy to attendees, many of whom travel long distances:
      1. List of convenient, affordable hotels
      2. Crash space coordinator
      3. Lists of local restaurants

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