University of Atlantia

University Contacts

University Chancellor
Lady Jeane Kilmeny (Dominica Campbell)
Email: chancellor AT

(Previous Chancellors of the University)

Deputy Chancellor
Dame Adriana la Bretonne (Andrea Callicutt)
Email: deputychancellor AT

University Registrar
Mistress Genevieve d'Aquitaine
2113 Aventurine Way, Silver Spring, MD 20904
Phone: (301) 526-0318
Email: registrar AT

Dean of Academics

Olivier de Bayonne, OL (Kevin Brock)
Email: academics AT

Deputy Registrar

Mistress Elisabeth MacAlester (Heather Bryden)
Email: deputyregistrar AT

Event Support

Mistress Juliana Grene (Julie Foster)
Email: eventsupport AT

External Communications Lead

Lady Isobel of Carnewyth (Heather Adams)
Email: communications AT

Online Learning

Baroness Sophia the Orange (Lara Coutinho)
Email: onlinelearning AT

Teacher Assistant(TA) Coordinator

Lady Sof'ia Dolgorukaia of Ponte Alto (Holly Decker)
Email: ta AT

University Webminister

Mistress Drea di Pelegryne (Drea Leed)
Email: web AT

Deputy University Webminister

Lady Aesa Kottr (Stacy Whitney)
Email: web-deputy AT