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The University of Atlantia is dedicated to the advancement of teaching in the Kingdom of Atlantia, SCA, Inc. Degrees presented by the University of Atlantia are not awards of the Society for Creative Anachronism or any of its branches and do not convey SCA precedence. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer degrees to qualifying students and faculty across the Knowne World.

There are two to three University sessions each year. If you are interested in hosting a University, please refer to our bid guidelines.

For more details on teaching classes, check out the page on Teaching at University.


Welcome to the 112th session of the University of Atlantia!
We will see you ONLINE Saturday (February 4) and Sunday (February 5) 2023.
On Friday we sent registered students an email with information on how to access your classes, a link to our Attendees FAQ, a schedule for the day, and some reminders.
You can also find all the same information by following the instructions below:
To find all information you'll need as a student or instructor during today's session including your classes & access info for each:

1. Log into the University website here.
2. Click on "Classes I'm Taking" or "Classes I'm Teaching" link in the left-side menu.
3. This page has links to our all-day online lobby, Convocation, AND all the classes you're taking including the access info for each.
4. You also can email your instructors or students from within each class.

Also, please look over our Attendees FAQ for answers to many questions for students and teachers.
Finally, to have a relaxing and enjoyable day please be sure to check the following before your first class:
1. Apply any needed operating system or meeting platform updates.
2. Test your speakers, webcam, and / or microphone.
3. Review how to access and use the platforms your classes will be taught on.
Be sure to check out University of Atlantia on Social Media for regular updates as well!
If you still need help or just want to chat during either day, feel free to swing by the University Zoom Lobby  .
There will always be University staff on duty there to help you have a great day.
Let's have fun and learn all the things!
Ollamh Jeane Kilmeny, OP (she/her)
Chancellor, University of Atlantia

Upcoming Session:

University Session #112 - February 4, 2023 to February 6, 2023 - Kingdom of Atlantia (online)
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Upcoming Sessions:

Session #112 (online)
Kingdom of Atlantia
February 4, 2023February 6, 2023

Full Classes:
1022 - A History of Gemstone Setting
203 - How to Make a Simple 14th Century Purse
209 - Absolute Beginner's WordPress Sites for the Completely Terrified
215 - Introduction to Target Archery in the SCA
318 - A&S Competitions: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
501 - German Purses and Pouches 1500-1550
617 - Mamluk Embroidery
618 - Are YOU Ready for the Persona Inquisition?
620 - Finding Your Currency, Strategies for Moving Unfinished Projects Into the Done Pile
730 - Introduction to Inkle Weaving
827 - Largesse 101: Demystifying the "W"s --and-- Largesse 102: Navigating the Do's and Don'ts



114 - The Non-Herald's Guide to Order and Award Names
202 - A Tournament ala Charny: A Modest Proposal
206 - A Brief History of Stained Glass Windows
219 - Smoke 'Em if you Got 'Em
319 - Lust and Lechery: Intersections of Sex and Women's Health in Medieval Western Europe
824 - Characteristics of the Ottoman Kaftan